Am I the only one that thinks Evan Fournier is underrated?

*Video courtesy of House of Highlights.

Continuing my own question - Am I the only one that thinks Evan Fournier is underrated ans simply misplaced over the years as a highest paid player on a bad team? Would he not have been better served as a third option on a middle-of-the-pack playoff team? Or even better, as a sixth man on a true contender?

For the first time since the Dwight Howard era, the Orlando Magic are finally in legit position for a playoff spot this season after years of identity struggles, and Fournier has played no small role in the team's suprise start (And yes, as a Pacers fan I could also honestly say letting coach Vogel loose also helps;). While Fournier has not shot the ball that great this season, he has come through with several clutch plays, including a game-winner against Cleveland.

Fournier was included as an honorable mention in year 10 of my Top 50 NBA Players back in 2017, when he was coming off his most aggressive season with the ball in his hands to this point in his career. He averaged 17.2 points on 4.1 free throw attempts per game for the 2016-17 season. No doubt that my "other" favorite team, the Denver Nuggets, had given up on him too soon. Though granted, there would be no Gary Harris in Denver had Fournier stuck around.