Where Has Myles Jack Been?

By Jaguars
Nov. 04, 2016

When looking at the Jacksonville Jaguars defense, one of the biggest question is "Why isn't Myles Jack on the field?" Many coaches and personnel in the Jaguars organization have stated that he is learning multiple positions and simply needs more time. My guess is they are treating him like the Rams' coaching staff is treating Jared Goff. Patience and Development. According to Football Outsiders' statistics, Myles Jack has only played in 188 snaps. Of those 188 snaps, 104 of them have come on special teams. Jack has only played in 16.9% of the Jacksonville Jaguars defensive snaps. Below, we will look at how many snaps (on defense) Jack has played and how many tackles he has had in each of those games. 

Team Played:



Green Bay Packers



San Diego Chargers



Baltimore Ravens



Indianapolis Colts (1st Start)



Chicago Bears (2nd Start)



Oakland Raiders (3rd Start)



Tennessee Titans (4th Start)



[11.4.16 - The 7th Report - Episode 46 by The 7th Report]

So for all of those wondering where he has been, there is your answer. Even-though he has been named a starter in each of the last four games, he has yet to play over 33% of their defensive snaps. So for those wondering why he has nine TOTAL tackles (defense & special teams) - it may be because he isn't getting very much playing time. With the exception of a few plays here and there, Jalen Ramsey has lived up and surpassed expectations. Obviously he is a rookie and is being thrown into the fire - AKA he is going to make some mistakes. However, the Jaguars staff seems to trust Ramsey much more than Jack. The only thing we can do is sit back and wait. When the Jaguars drafted Myles Jack I thought it was a great pick. Maybe come back to this story in a couple of years and then we can talk about how he develops.