A look back at the "Kirk Cousins era" in DC

By Jerome Coleman
Mar. 14, 2018

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Question "You like THAT!?" "You like THAT!?!?"

Answer, not really. Sorry Kirk Cousins die hard supporters. This is the cold hard truth about your beloved Kirk Cousins that you don't want to hear but you know is true. Admit it, Kirk is good not great. The Redskins front office was right not wrong to low ball him and then franchise tag him the last two seasons. The trade for Alex Smith was smart not dumb. Those of you that live to bad mouth the skins front office for past mistakes fail to see whats really going on here. Are we (I include my self cause I love the Washington Redskins to death) so desperate for a QB that we will allow ourselves to be fooled time and time again? I got swept up in the RG3 worldwind and still have egg on my face for it. Most of you are going thru the same feelings right now with Cousins. You would almost think he's your actual cousin. I mean what has he REALLY done for the Redskins the last 3 seasons? Let's take a year by year look.

2015: 4,166yds, 29TD-11INTS 101.6 rating. Man did Kirk Cousins ever capitalise on this roller coaster of a season in the nations captial. In a year that never was for RG3, where he went from starter to year long bench warmer. Kirk rose from the ashes to everyones pleasant surprise. After a slow start Kirk more than proved he was a legit starting QB. With an unforgettable comeback win against Tampa bay that year the "you like that" catch phase, along with Kirks popularity, took off. Sneaking into the playoffs with a beat up divsion that year also helped. Kirk led a 5-7 team to 9-7 and a playoff appearance. The Redskins should've locked him up right then and there. However they failed to reach a long term deal and Kirk would play on the tag in 2016 for a little less than 20million dollars and with that died any real chance of a long term deal. You can be lazy and blame the front office who reportly offered him around 16million a year. That would be easy. Why wouldn't they break the bank for this guy after he got hot and lead them to a playoff appearance? Anyone remember RG3 and the 2012 season? I rest my case. If you want big long term money show me sustained long term success. Front office played it smart in 2015.

2016: 4,917yds, 25TD-12INT, 97.2 rating. Going into this season Kirk had all the chips. Full support of fans, coaches and teammates. Kirk could have and should have made it impossible for the Redskins to not break the bank for him during the course of this season. All Kirk did was show us who what he really is. A slightly above average quarterback. Yes Kirk put up amazing numbers, threw for over 300yds 7times and 400yds twice. Also he only threw for multiple interceptions in a game two times all season something he had struggled with in the past. The only problem was one of those games was a win or go home scenario and one of those interceptions sent the Redskins packing. Cousins failed to get it done when it matter most. A chunk of his 12INTs that season came in the red-zone. Kirk had another good season but proved the front office right by not giving him "Franchise quarterback" money. However by this time Kirk had one most of you over and some couldn't imagine a world without Kirk at the helm. Me and a few others, inculding the front office, just could never get the taste of that interception to DRC in week 17 out of our mouths. The tean offred him a fair deal that he turned down basically telling the team I'll only play on the tag. So 24 million dollars later...

2017: 4,093yds, 27TD-13INT, 93.9 passer rating. This was Kirk worse season on the stat sheet but by far his most impressive. Kirk lost two 1,000yd wideouts in the offseason. He also lost his starting running back, left tackle, both garuds, center and pro bowl tight end during the season. Yet somehow he manged to end the season with similar numbers. Some might say this proves he's worth 30million a year, right? Not so fast. While Kirk put up good numbers how did he alone make the team better? Before you pay a QB big money you need to believe 110% that he is "The Guy" to LEAD a team to wins. Something Kirk is unable to do hence a 7-9 record. This isn't to say Kirk isn't an impressive QB or shouldn't be a starter. He's just not "The Guy".

The Vikings will reportly sign Kirk Cousins to a 3year 86 million dollar deal(Fully guaranteed) on Thursday when he visits with the team. If and when this becomes official Kirk will officially be the most overpaid QB in NFL history. He played the markert the right way and kudos to him for maxing his money. However, once the ink is dry the pressure is on. The Vikings are looking to win a title NOW! The defense is arguably the best in the league and the offense is filled with young talent. Kirk will need to come in and play well right away to win over the fan base. Everyone will sing his praises and call him a genius for the way he's getting paid but with a great pay check comes a great responsibility. It's Superbowl or bust in the next 3 years.