College Football Week 8 AP Poll Reaction

Man, what a week! Four out of the top eight teams lost, and some teams are emerging as favorites. Overall, if college football can get any greater, I want to know. Just as an FYI, after next week's rankings I am not sure what I am going to post relating to college football due to the CFB playoff rankings that will start coming out the following week. I will probably do a prediction article, and then maybe write my reaction about the committee's rankings. Now, let us focus on this week's rankings.


LSU (+8)

THAT, my friends, is how you bounce back from an upset! After a disappointing loss last week to Florida, the Tigers went and confidently beat the formally number 2 Georgia. With the win, LSU reignited their chances of making the playoff, and to win the SEC. The most impressive thing was the fact that they went from being humiliated one week, to beating the second best team in the country. The schedule does not get easy from here, facing Alabama, Mississippi State, and Texas A&M. If they can get through those games, it is hard not seeing LSU as the best team in college football.

Michigan (+6)

The Wolverines of Michigan easily defended their home by beating Wisconsin 38-13. The Wisconsin team they did face were not the same as the beginning of the season, but it is still a good win. Their offense was clicking, and their pass defense was exemplary. The one factor that may keep Michigan from reaching their true potential is their division, sharing it with Ohio State and Penn State. Ending the season against Ohio State is a true test, but if passed can be huge for the Wolverines.

Oregon (+5)

I was debating on whom to talk about for my final riser and decided to go with Oregon, due to the surprise they have been this season. It is impressive enough that they beat Washington, but now also partially control their fate in the PAC-12. They were lucky that Washington missed a game-winning field goal at the end of regulation but still won it at the end of OT. The Ducks are starting to emerge as a real contender for the PAC-12, something I don't believe many would have predicted. Their schedule down the road isn't too bad, but the game I would circle on my calendar for a potential upset is 11/17 against Arizona State.

Honorable mentions: Texas A&M (+5), Michigan State (NR), and Washington State (NR)

Outside the top 25, but winners: Northwestern, Utah, Iowa State, and Appalachian State


Georgia (-6)

I am going to state the obvious, that Georgia was not playing their best football on Saturday. But, there is still hope for the Bulldogs, being that they are in the SEC. Georgia just didn't play like themselves, especially the defense. And the offense just looked sloppy and broken, with no chemistry present. With the Bulldogs facing three conference rivals the next three weeks, their season is far from over.

West Virginia (-7)

The West Virginia offense finally showed a sign of slowing down. Losing to Iowa State 30-14, the Mountaineers severely hurt their chances for making the playoff. Heisman hopeful QB Will Grier had an off day, only throwing for 100 yds total. If they want a chance to be in the playoff, they need to win out convincingly and hope that teams ahead of them will lose here and there.

Wisconsin (-8)

What has happened in Madison? Seriously, at the start of the season, the Badgers looked like one of the best teams in the nation. Now, they are barely in the top 25, and in my opinion, shouldn't be. I will give them one thing, that their defense has been totally reshaped due to injuries. But QB Alex Hornibrook may be their worst in years. I genuinely feel bad for RB Jonathon Taylor, who is almost carrying the team. They still have a shot for the Big Ten West, but not much more.

Honorable mentions: Penn State (-10), Miami (now unranked, was 16), Washington Mis(-8), and Auburn (now unranked, was 21)

Outside the top 25, but losers: Nebraska, Rutgers, South Carolina, and Louisville

Full rankings:

1. Alabama (7-0) (-)

2. Ohio State (7-0) (+1)

3. Clemson (6-0) (+1)

4. Notre Dame (7-0) (+1)

5. LSU (6-1) (+8)

6. Michigan (6-1) (+6)

7. Texas (6-1) (+2)

8. Georgia (6-1) (-6)

9. Oklahoma (5-1) (+2)

10. UCF (6-0) (-)

11. Florida (6-1) (+3)

12. Oregon (5-1) (+5)

13. West Virginia (5-1) (-7)

14. Kentucky (5-1) (+4)

15. Washington (5-2) (-8)

16. NC State (5-0) (+4)

17. Texas A&M (5-2)(+5)

18. Penn State (4-2) (-10)

19. Iowa (5-1) (NR)

20. Cincinnati (6-0) (+5)

21. South Florida (6-0) (+2)

22. Miss. State (4-2) (+2)

23. Wisconsin (4-2) (-8)

24. Michigan State (4-2) (NR)

25. Washington State (5-1) (NR)

Dropped out of rankings: Miami (16), Colorado (19), and Auburn (21)