Prediction for final College Football Playoff Rankings 2018


Alabama (13-0)

What a game Saturday afternoon! Alabama came from behind and defeated then 4 Georgia 35-28 to win the SEC. It felt like deja vu for Georgia. Last year, starting QB Jalen Hurts didn't do well at all in the first half, and backup QB Tua Tagovailoa led Alabama to victory. Well, the roes were reversed this year, with Tua leaving with an ankle injury in the 3rd quarter. Hurts took over, looked amazing, and helped the Roll Tide win another SEC Championship. I would be stunned if Alabama was not the number one rank to finish the regular season.

Clemson (13-0)

It was a normal day at the office for the Tigers, defeating Pitt 42-10 Saturday night. QB Trevor Lawrence played spectacularly and the running game did not disappoint. I don't see them dropping to three, and it's very unlikely they will jump Alabama so they will probably stay where they have been for a while at the number two spot.

Notre Dame (12-0)

I can't add to much to what I already have said about the Fighting Irish due to them not playing in a conference championship game. Some have argued that the best four teams in college football does not include Notre Dame, but I disagree highly with the critics often. Being undefeated helps the resume highly and not having a conference title game took away the option of losing in it. I see Notre Dame placing 3rd, but there is a slight chance that they could be 4th.

There is a chance

Oklahoma (12-1)

The Sooners avenged their early-season loss to Texas, winning the BIG 12 Title game early Saturday afternoon. Their defense actually showed up, seemingly for the first time since replacing defensive coordinators. QB Kyler Murray had an amazing game and boosting his Heisman hopes. The question is if their defense will hold them out of the top 4. Only time will tell.

Ohio State (12-1)

I don't know if what Ohio State showed was enough. Was that just me? Yes, they did win the BIG TEN Championship game against Northwestern, but they should've anyway. The question with this team all season has been consistency, and I don't know if this game helped this fact or not. The first half they played average, but the second half they played kind of like the team that defeated Michigan last week. Also, how much will that loss to Purdue hurt them.

Georgia (11-2)

The play call that might of ended the Bulldogs chances of avenging last year's final. It is fourth-and-11 in the fourth quarter and what do they do? They try to do a fake punt! It is not even like Alabama didn't see it coming, Roll Tide had most of the team by the line because of who was on the field for Georgia. Whoever made that call should be fired in my opinion. There is a chance that the committee will keep them in just do to the fact that they were beating the number one team in the country for almost the whole game. No matter what, the committee will get some backlash.

Can we have a 8 team playoff now?

UCF (13-0)

Washington (10-3)