2017: Welcome Back, Football

Normally I would write an article on certain subject based on my opinion and my next article I will do that. But right now this Is an appreciation article on one sport, one love, and one passion.....Football. Just wanted to write on the passion and the love I have for this sport. Sure I love Basketball but It doesn't beat Football not even close. The one thing I love about It Is there are so many questions on every team and all of the questions get answered on the field. In College we have who's gonna make the playoffs? and who's gonna stop Alabama? Even though It gets old talking about Alabama a lot, It's still fun to see how It all plays out. In the NFL we have who's going to the Super Bowl? and who's gonna stop New England? NFL, Or College It doesn't matter I love It all. When Football comes around It's like the holidays come early. This Year's opening weekend of College Football Is a prime example of It when games like Florida State VS Alabama and Florida VS Michigan are headlining. In the NFL we have right off the bat Week 1: New York Giants VS Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots VS Kansas City Chiefs headlining. this Is one of the best times every year for me. Another thing I love Is that It's not Just me, Almost every Football fan feels the same way I do when It starts back up. This sport Is filled with passion not Just by the fans but by the players and that passion Is left out on the Field every game. I know very short article but again this Is an appreciation article for the sport of sports. Welcome Back, Football.