NFL Bold Predictions in Review

Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

It is incredible how the NFL regular season blinked in an eye. Before the season began, I made a bold prediction for each team. Let's see how I did.

NFC: Dallas Cowboys: What I said: Cole Beasley will have a better season at wide receiver than Terrance Williams.

What actually happened: Spot on and it wasn't even close. Beasley had 75 catches for 833 yards receiving and 5 touchdowns. Williams had 44 catches for 594 yards receiving and 4 touchdowns.

New York Giants: What I said: Rashad Jennings rushes for 1000 yards.

What actually happened: He only rushed for 593 yards and missed a few games with injury. Paul Perkins started to take over his role.

Washington Redskins: What I said: Jordan would have more yardage than Rob Gronkowski.

What actually happened: Spot on, Reed had 686 yards receiving and Gronkowski had 540 yards receiving. They were both injured for part of the season.

Philadelphia Eagles: What I said: They would be ranked 32nd in rushing offense.

What actually happened: Completely off, they finished 11th in the NFL in rushing offense.

Green Bay Packers:What I said: They would become a top 5 defense with all the talent they have.

What actually happened: It was a complete fraud for most of the season and it ranked 22nd in the NFL.

Minnesota Vikings: What I said: Stefon Diggs would catch 90 passes. 

What actually happened: Very close, he caught 84 passes.

Chicago Bears: What I said: Alshon Jeffery would catch 20 touchdowns.

What actually happened: He missed some games and he only caught 2 touchdowns all year.

Detroit Lions: What I said: Matthew Stafford would throw for more INT's than TD's.

What actually happened: Way off, he threw for 24 touchdowns and 10 interceptions.

Carolina Panthers: What I said: They would win the NFC South but they would lose at least 6 games.

What actually happened: They finished last in the NFC South and they lost ten games, so I was half right.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: What I said: Doug Martin would rush for 1200 yards.

What actually happened: He only rushed for 421 yards this season.

New Orleans Saints: What I said: Drew Brees would throw 30 interceptions.

What actually happened: Drew Brees threw 15 interceptions.

Atlanta Falcons: What I said: They wouldn't win 4 games.

What actually happened: Way off, they went 11-5 and clinched the number 2 seed in the NFC.

Seattle Seahawks: What I said: Tyler Lockett would catch more touchdowns than Doug Baldwin.

What actually happened: Doug Baldwin caught 7 touchdowns and Lockett only caught 1.

Arizona Cardinals: What I said: Michael Floyd would have a better season than Larry Fitzgerald.

What actually happened: Floyd struggled and lost his starting job. He was eventually released because of a DUI. Fitzgerald had a pro bowl season with 107 catches for 1023 yards and 6 touchdowns.

Los Angeles Rams: What I said: Todd Gurley would rush for 1800 yards.

What actually happened: He only rushed for 885 yards and Gurley was stuck in a bad offense all year.

San Francisco 49ers: What I said: Navarro Bowman would win the defensive player of the year award.

What actually happened: He had a season ending injury and it will either go to Khalil Mack or Landon Collins.

AFC: New England Patriots: What I said: Jimmy Garopollo would be the quarterback the entire season. 

What actually happened: Garopollo only started 2 games and then was injured. Brady came in after his suspension and found his groove.

Miami Dolphins: What I said: Jarvis Landry would have 1300 yards and 15 touchdowns.

What actually happened: Close in the yardage with 1136 but I was off with the touchdowns with 4.

New York Jets: What I said: They would finish last in the AFC East.

What actually happened: Spot on, they finished last with a 5-11 record. Buffalo Bills had a 7-9 record and they finished 3rd in the AFC East.

Buffalo Bills: What I said: They wouldn't have a top 10 defense.

What actually happened: Correct, they were 19th in defense.

Pittsburgh Steelers: What I said: If Green didn't play most of season, Jesse James would have 750 yards and 8 touchdowns.

What actually happened: Green missed most of the season and James had 338 yards receiving and 3 touchdowns.

Baltimore Ravens: What I said: Joe Flacco would finish in top 5 for passing yards.

What actually happened: Very close he ranked 7th in the NFL with 4,317 passing yards. Phillip Rivers was 5th with 4,386 passing yards.

Cincinnati Bengals: What I said: Tyler Boyd would be the best rookie wide receiver.

What actually happened: It was New Orleans Saints Receiver Mike Thomas who had 92 catches for 1137 yards receiving and 9 touchdowns.

Cleveland Browns: What I said: Josh Gordon would have 3 200-yard games.

What actually happened: He didn't sniff the field at all this season, and Gordon checked into rehab.

Jacksonville Jaguars: What I said: They would win the AFC South.

What actually happened: They finished 3-13 and also last in the division.

Tennessee Titans: What I said: DeMarco Murray would rush for 1000 yards.

What actually happened: He easily reached it rushing for 1287 yards and also the best in the AFC.

Houston Texans: What I said: Brock Osweiler would finish in the top 10 in passing yards.

What actually happened: Not even close, he finished 27th in the NFL with 2,957 passing yards and being benched in favor of Tom Savage for a couple of games.

Indianapolis Colts: What I said: Donte Moncrief would have the best stats for a Indy WR.

What actually happened: Hilton finished with 91 catches for 1448 receiving yards and 6 touchdowns. Hilton finished with the receiving yards title. Moncrief only had 30 catches for 307 yards but had 7 touchdowns.

Oakland Raiders: What I said: They would win the AFC West.

What actually happened: Very close, if the Raiders defeated the Broncos on Sunday or the Chiefs lost, the Raiders would have won the division. Oakland made the playoffs as a 5 seed.

Kansas City Chiefs: What I said: Jamaal Charles, Charcandrick West, and Spencer Ware would each have 7 rushing touchdowns.

What actually happened: Charles missed most of the season and he only had 1. West only had 1 and Ware had 3.

Denver Broncos: What I said: They would have a bottom 5 offense and still make the postseason.

What actually happened: They had a bottom 5 offense in some categories, but they missed the postseason.

San Diego Chargers: What I said: They would have a worse record than the Cleveland Browns.

What actually happened: The Chargers lost to the Cleveland Browns, but the Chargers had a 5-11 record and the Browns ahd a 1-15 record.