Who Has the Best Postseason? MLB, NHL, NFL, or NBA?

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

As I have told my friends and sports fans in the past, I believe out of the 4 major pro sports, the NHL is the best one. Well people are like, it isn't even a popular sport nor is it an American Sport. Well in cases those statements are true because hockey is more of a Canadian game, and some major sports networks don't even like to discuss it which is a shame.

Well the NHL is the best because the intensity of the crowd is magnificent. I am not saying by any means that the NBA, NHL, or MLB can't be. In my life when I have watched games in the postseason, I feel like NHL fans are the loudest and the NFL is the second loudest.

Also the overtime sessions are way different. In the MLB, it is a top half and a bottom half of an inning. The game moves slowly at times which can get very boring. In the NBA, it is a 5 minute overtime session. In the NFL, some drives take 10 minutes and it just gets methodical. In the NHL, you can't flinch for a second because one bad bounce with the puck and it goes into the net, the game is over.

Plus, out of the 4 major sports, NHL seems to be the closet in game when it comes to score. The NFL playoffs were below average with a ton of blowouts despite a solid Super Bowl. The NBA top tier teams will demolish the lower tier teams that make the postseason. The MLB is just a slow paced game.

The speed and pace for a three 20-minute periods in the NHL is slick and fascinating. In the NBA people are moving up and down the court, but the speed isn't as fast. Football people go 100 MPH for like 10 seconds and then wait 35 to 40 seconds later for another play to be snapped.