A Letter to Cam Newton, from a Peyton Manning Fan

By CalvinChu
Feb. 08, 2016

Dear Cam Newton,

Stay you, Cam!
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

You make defenses pay when they overreact to any given thing; if they blitz and don't contain, you get outside and dash for the first down, and dash their hopes of stopping you. If they blitz, you hit your speedy receivers for big gains. You get the option plays going to Jonathan Stewart. Touchdowns occur frequently with you at the helm of the offense.

The Media, however, wants to overreact about "poor sportsmanship", to criticize every last ounce of your being. Just remember, you can change direction, you can stiff arm them, and you can elude them. They're just a tackler ahead of you as you progress through your career like you progress through your options. Tune them out with your headphones. Give a shoutout to your sponsor after your team wins the next one.

You've shed tackles before, and certainly you've shed tears before. A loss in Super Bowl 50? That's just a prelude to the next down, to the next "rodeo". Haters have always fueled you, and you have consistently defied the odds; what's to stop you now? 

There's a few inevitable things in the world, taxes, Budweiser commercials in the Super Bowl, and Cam Newton proving people wrong. You're in the spotlight now. Peyton's had his turn. It's time for you to win.

You got this.

Humbly signed,

A Peyton Manning Fan