Max Scherzer Deal Makes a Lot of Sense... for Max Scherzer

By CalvinChu
Jan. 20, 2015

Getting money after you're no longer working is always a sign that you've made it. CEO? Nice, cushy retirement package.

On my way to my next paycheck...
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

For Max Scherzer, he's getting a 7 year deal with $210 million that will be paid to him in 14 years, which makes a ton of sense, and cents, for him.

Sure, some people will point that constant inflation of the dollar will mean that a $15 million check paid in 2028 will be worth less than a $15 million check paid today, but there's a hidden caveat in this deal. There's a great tax loophole in D.C. that allows Scherzer to avoid some hefty income taxes. Sure, tax might not be a lot in terms of a lump-sum for the average Joe, but for Scherzer, landing in D.C. may have saved him an estimated $20million in foregone earnings.

With Scherzer now in the nation's capital, this could be a Newton's Cradle-esque transaction that leads to the exodus of another pitcher. Could this be Stephen Strasburg or Jordan Zimmerman? It's unlikely that a team will trade for the older Gio Gonzalez, and certainly not the young Tanner Roark, who may or may not have a rotation spot pending what happens before the start of the season. Doug Fister isn't moving anywhere either. Who do you guys think will be on the move?