MLB Playoffs: Umpires selected for wildcard and divisional series

By Michael Klipstein
Oct. 04, 2016

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

MLB's 2016 Wild Card Game and Division Series umpires are now available and posted here by umpire crew assignment. Where applicable, postseason umpires are listed by position as appearing in Game 1 of the series to which they are assigned. Umpire crew rotation for the best-of-five Division Series is clockwise in the infield and counterclockwise in the outfield, such that Game 1's home plate umpire will serve as Right Field umpire for Game Two, Left Field for Game 3, Third Base for Game 4, and Second Base for Game 5. The Replay Official does not join the on-field crew for any games of the Division Series.

AL Wild Card 'A' (American League / Baltimore Orioles @ Toronto Blue Jays)

HP: Gary Cederstrom -cc

1B: Ted Barrett*

2B: Eric Cooper

3B: Bill Welke

LF: David Rackley^

RF: Will Little^

NL Wild Card 'B' (National League / San Francisco Giants @ New York Mets)

HP: Mike Winters -cc

1B: Jeff Nelson*

2B: Mike Everitt

3B: Jim Wolf

LF: CB Bucknor

RF: Quinn Wolcott^

Wild Card Replay Officials (MLBAM / NY): Scott Barry and Mark Carlson

ALDS Crew A (ALWC Winner [BAL or TOR] @ Texas Rangers)

HP: Chad Fairchild

1B: Lance Barksdale

2B: Sam Holbrook

3B: Hunter Wendelstedt

LF: Joe West -cc

RF: Cory Blaser^

ALDS Crew B (Boston Red Sox @ Cleveland Indians)

HP: Brian Knight

1B: Phil Cuzzi

2B: Tony Randazzo

3B: Paul Emmel

LF: Bill Miller -cc

RF: Vic Carapazza

NLDS Crew A (NLWC Winner [SF or NYM] @ Chicago Cubs)

HP: Todd Tichenor

1B: Larry Vanover*

2B: Marvin Hudson

3B: Alan Porter

LF: John Hirschbeck -cc

RF: Mike Muchlinski^

NLDS Crew B (Los Angeles Dodgers @ Washington Nationals)

HP: Dan Bellino

1B: Tom Hallion*

2B: Chris Guccione

3B: Ron Kulpa

LF: Jeff Kellogg -cc

RF: Manny Gonzalez

Division Series Replay Officials (MLBAM): Chris Conroy, Kerwin Danley, Gerry Davis, Adrian Johnson