RIP 2017 Washington Wizards

There's already just four teams left alive in the NBA this season, and to be fair, it is four of the five best. Boston, Cleveland, San Antonio and Golden State. The Wizards, after a dismal start managed to creep up to the four seed in the East, forced a game seven in Boston last night, and lost. Thanks to the lack of bench production, the Wizards were forced to give up their only draft pick this season to help out a bench, which only put up 5 points when it counted most. That is the main concern for Washington heading into 2017-18.


SALARY CAP: -$22,085,000

FREE AGENTS: Otto Porter, Bojan Bogdanovic, Trey Burke, Brandon Jennings


C: Marcin Gortat, Ian Mahinmi, Daniel Ochefu

PF: Chris McCullough, Markieff Morris, Jason Smith

SF: Kelly Oubre

SG: Bradley Beal, Sheldon McClellan, Tomas Satoransky

PG: John Wall


Right now the Washington Wizards appear to be in a pickle, as they have no cap space and no bench. They have four impact players (and four pretty darn good ones), a pretty solid group of backup big men and a really young small forward. However, I would say that the Wizards have a massive need for other players on the bench. They need to at least bring back Bojan Bogdanovic, because otherwise they traded that first rounder for nothing, and they need to find a way to bring in cheap veterans to help that bench. Otto Porter would be nice to bring back as well, but a combo of Oubre and Bogdanovic, plus a deeper roster is better than overpaying for Porter.


Beal and Wall are just starting to hit the prime of their careers, and as long as the Wizards can put a competent roster around them, they will make the playoffs. As of now, Wall and Beal are enough to make the postseason, but with the cap situation being the way that it is, and with Boston and Cleveland not expected to decline, I wouldn't expect more than what they got this season.