How Christian McCaffrey will help the Carolina Panthers.

The Panthers selected Christian McCaffrey from Stanford with the 8th overall pick. In this article I will display why McCaffrey will be a great fit for the panthers. McCaffrey is a dual threat running back. Not only does he have speed and elusiveness. He has strength and can run through the trenches. Critics argue that he will not be able to keep up with the NFL style defenses, and will get destroyed. Yet this accusation is false, with the panthers scheme he will not necessarily be put in tough situations early in his career. Why would a team like the panthers with RB depth, run McCaffrey every down when he's not yet adjusted to NFL defenses. He can also be used in the passing game, as a receiving running back, or slot wide receiver. In this quick explanation of why Mccaffrey will fit in with Cam Newton and the Panthers, I hope you have learned that the Panthers will have one more weapon to add to their lethal offense.