David Ross Destined to be Cubs Next Bench Coach?

For the second year in a row a Beltway squad has poached Joe Maddon’s top lieutenant, and the inevitable rumors of David Ross will begin. However, adding Ross will likely be different than his past two bench hires. Davy Martinez had been a candidate for many years, and Brandon Hyde quickly rose up the ranks. However, unlike these two Ross would not be gone in one year, if anything he will be Maddon’s likely successor. While the Cubs certainly have the ability to develop Ross into their next manager it gives them assurance as well if they choose to move on from Joe Maddon. We have certainly seen ample examples of what started as fruitful relationships end quickly. Maddon himself will likely tell you to take nothing for granted, Joel Quenneville across town can tell you championships to not guarantee you a safe seat. However, a World Series will surely cool Maddon’s seat, and still allow the Cubs to have their man of the future in place.

The only thing which will prevent this move likely is if Ross is not interested. Last season when the job opened Ross seemed content with his smaller role. However, a year has come and gone and the opportunity is there again. Certainly the move would have the backing of the players who lost Ross two seasons ago, and out the door was a tremendous leadership presence as well. This is a move the fans would love. Grandpa Rossy could certainly cool the leadership quarrels in the clubhouse. Rarely does a team have the chance to make a coaching decision which will have this big of an impact. He has what most coaches won’t have, trust, and that is crucial. The Cubs certainly need a leader they can trust; they need a guy who can refocus this highly talented young core. There is a level of gravity which he pulls in the locker room, and the group which was in place is still largely there.

Will Ross be a huge impact no, but it’s the small margins which make the difference through the season. It’s the motivation to grind out a one run game. It’s the leveling of the head which comes when the jitters kick in. These are the things Ross can bring to the Cubs. Mind you this was a 95-win team who really could have used that veteran, this was a 95-win team who needed leadership to kick in. This is a move which makes sense, this is a move the Cubs should make. It’s only a matter of if Grandpa Rossy is ready to step back in again.