What Happens In Vegas - Kyle Busch Bloodied in Post Race Fight

By nascarguy
Mar. 13, 2017

Video courtesy of Jeff Gluck.com - Jeff offers a birds eye view of the fight on pit road

There's an old saying - what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Well this week that's not true at all, because what happened in Las Vegas today after the Kobalt Tools NASCAR Monster Energy race won't soon be forgotten. And it's a shame that it outshines Martin Truex's dominating run at the mile and a half track. Truex won Stage 1 and Stage 2, claiming 10 playoff points each, but also won the race, picking up 40 bonus points.

After the race, there was a scuffle on pit road because Kyle Bucsch assumed that Joey Logano "dumped him" on the final lap of the race with his aggressive style of driving. Joey said that he was just racing like he always does, and Kyle said "he'll get his" You can only assume that there will be payback for this day's events.

The rest of the race can be summed up in just a few sentences. Corey Lajoie blew up on lap 18. Brad Keselowski was warned for lining up single file when pitting. Kevin Harvick blew a tire and was out of the race when he hit the wall hard. 3 drivers were caught speeding on pit road, 2 rookies and Kyle. Kurt Busch had to pit to change a battery. Danica Patrick created a smoke show with 16 laps to go. Brad Keselowski was going to win the race until he also had a power issue and slowed on the track, giving the advantage to Truex.

This is the first post race altercation, but it certainly wont be the last. It's early in the season, and I'm sure these two will scuffle again. We'll just see when these two will be called to the NASCAR hauler. Expect penalties later this week.