top three most overrated teams in the NFL

1. Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks are overrated because everyone is saying that they are a Super Bowl contender but the truth is that no one came win a championship with only one amazing player “Russell Wilson” like the New England Patriots for instants the many years the years they won the Super Bowl they had many pieces of the puzzle that fit perfectly.

2.Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are overrated because they won the Super Bowl and suddenly everyone thinks they're invincible like they can’t be stopped but that is not true because last year when they won the Super Bowl some of it was because they were a great football team but a lot of it was luck.

3.Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings are overrated because they made the playoffs last year but this year I don’t even think they are going to make the Wildcard because Stephon Diggs was one of the best players on the team and one of the clutchest players in the league so I don’t believe the Minnesota Vikings won’t be able to get very far without him.