Giants DT Damon Harrison Gets His Playoff Experience From Playing Video Games

By Patrick
Jan. 06, 2017

New York Giants defensive tackle Damon Harrison has never played in the playoffs in his five year career. But he still classifies himself as having plenty of playoff experience.

When he is not playing in the NFL playoffs with his teammates he is online winning games through Madden.

"I just won a Super Bowl last night on Madden with the Green Bay Packers. I go to the playoffs every year on Madden, so I have some playoff experience," Snacks told reporters.

Harrison has been playing has the Green Bay Packers several of times hoping to prepare for the playoff game this weekend.

"I was using Rodgers pretty good on Madden, so hopefully I know some of his weaknesses, because, you know, Madden doesn't lie," Harrison said while laughing.