Updated 2017 NFL Free Agents and Rumors

By Patrick
Dec. 31, 2016

Just one game lies between us and the end of the 2016 NFL regular season. Many teams have already been eliminated including Jets, Panthers, Broncos, Bears, Bills, Titans, Browns, and more. There will be plenty of players walking into the free agency period asking to be resigned or looking for a new home. Here are some of the top-tier free agents for 2017:

DeSean Jackson (redskins, unrestricted free agent) - This speedy wide receiver will become a free agent and is considering returning to the Eagles. Jackson spent the previous six years with the Eagles before Chip Kelly partially ruin the Eagles offense. Now that the Eagles have picked up what looks to be a talented rookie quarterback, Carson Wentz, chances of a reunion are looking good. Per Adam Schefter, the Eagles are "likely to pursue a reunion with Jackson" with their free agency options.

"Multiple teams believe that Jackson, who will be an unrestricted free agent after the season, could return to Philadelphia," Schefter wrote. "The Eagles would benefit from the addition of a speedy deep threat, and Jackson and Eagles coach Doug Pederson are big admirers of each other, sources said."

The Eagles definitely need a No. 1 receiver to help Wentz thrive in the NFL. A speedy receiver like Jackson would help Wentz develop.

Pierre Garcon (Redskins, unrestricted free agent) - Garcon is a nice player to have on your team, but will not come cheap. He is asking for about $9 million per year. There are plenty of teams that struggling on offense that would pay this man well.

"No bargain," a source said of Garcon, per Standig. "[He's got] four to five years left [at this level]."

Garcon appeared in all fifteen games this season saw plenty of looks from Cousins (also going to be a free agent). He saw a team-high 107 targets and recorded 945 yards and three touchdowns. Sources say that the Redskins will take him over Jackson and are going to pay around $10 million a year.

Chandler Jones (Arizona Cardinals) - In march the New England Patriots traded edge-rusher Chandler Jones to the Arizona Cardinals. Now after what the Cardinals have seen what he is capable of, they are not going to let him go. Expect the 26-year-old to stay in Arizona. Worse case scenario the team would use the franchise tag.

The team's official website has reported that general manager Steve Keim "has been talking with Jones’ agent since camp about a new deal." Keim has praised Jones' burst. With the Cardinals he produced 9.5 sacks, 47 total tackles, three forced fumbles, and two fumble recoveries.