Video: Louisville Women's Basketball Team Tricks Duke Into Guarding Wrong Hoop

By Patrick
Jan. 03, 2017

You have got to see the video to fully understand:

Yesterday Louisville women's basketball team pulled a creative trick play on Duke that will have your head spinning. To start the second half, Louisville was in possession of the ball and they were going to pass the ball inbounds. Three of the Louisville basketball players were lined up in the mix of five Duke defenders on the wrong side of the court. The other teammate was standing behind the half-court line waiting for the inbound pass.

Before the Blue Devils could understand what was going on, the ball was passed to Briahanna Jackson who sprinted down the court and scored an easy layup. The team was in shock.

The Associated Press interviewed Duke guard, Lexie Brown, who almost figured out that something was not right about the way Louisville line up.

"They were laughing at us, and I was like, 'Why are they laughing?'" Brown said. "And then, layup."