Division 1 Wrestling NCAA ALL-AMERICAN 2017 PREDICTIONS! [125 lbs-149lbs]

By Ron John Rinaldi
Mar. 15, 2017

That time is back wrestling fans! The time of year EVERY wrestling fan in the country looks forward to, MARCH MATNESS!  

Ron John's Predictions 

[125-149 pounds]

125 Pound All-American Predictions:
1. Thomas Gilman (IOWA)-The blood thirsty Hawkeye will earn his title this season! 
2. Joey Dance (Virginia Tech)- Joey will make it to the final dance of the night however will walk off the floor with his head down. 
3. Nick Suriano (Penn State)- Cael said he is wrestling and ready to go. I still do not believe he is 100% and unfortunately with that I see him losing his Semi-Final matchup against Dance (VT)
4. Darian Cruz (Lehigh)- Tough route from all angles at this Tourney for Cruz. I see the Lehigh boy earning his Seed-Rank. 
5. Tim Lambert (Nebraska)- The Veteran 4x NCAA qualifier will finally earn his All-American at his final go.
6. Sean Fausz (NC STATE)
7. Nicholas Piccininni (Oklahoma State)

8. Travis Piotrowski (Illinois) -Mark Perry Product will be the darkhorse at this weight. 

133 Pound All-American Predictions: 

1. Nathan Tomasello (Ohio State)
2. Kaid Brock (Oklahoma State)
3. Cory Clark (Iowa)-Clark is tough as nails but his bad shoulder gives him a disadvantage with Tomasello. 
4. Stevan Micic (Michigan)- Will he have to face Clark twice in St.Louis?!
5. Seth Gross (South Dakota State)- This punk is pretty damn good. He will face Eric Montoya in the Quarters and I see Montoya ending up on top of this bout. Gross will have his revenge and end his season ontop against Montoya for 5th and 6th Place. 
6. Eric Montoya (Nebraska) - Montoya beat Gross at Midlands and will beat him again in the Quarters. Move onto Kaid Brock, where he will get beat and then go 2 and out in the Consis to still place 6th and All-American!
7. Scotty Parker (Lehigh)-Parker will have to face the Fightin' Illini Richards in Round 2. I take Richards beating him close. This will drop Parker down to the Consis where he will most likely face a couple ACC opponents and then in the backside blood round face #6 seed Dom Forys, who made his return to the mat after the PITT Stripper Scandal out in Chicago during the Midlands. I predict Parker will win his place bout. 
8. Zane Richards (Illinios)- Zane will run into Parker and Tomasello on the Front side and then will have to break through a couple tough opponents on the backroad to All-American this year. 

141 Pound All-American Predictions:
1. Joey McKenna (Stanford)- Tough to bet against this Ole Blair Buc. Jack in the Semis is going to be the big test. This is the year Heil falls!
2. Dean Heil (Oklahoma State)- Heil will have to get past Matt Kolodzik or Ashnault in the semis. I think that Kolodzik would be a tougher draw for Dean. However, I find the Cowboy making it into the final ring, just to fall off his horse. 
3. Kevin Jack (NC STATE)- Jack will face McKenna in the Semis. I see McKenna winning this bout, on the other hand, If Jack is victorious, I see him downing Dean for the title. 
4. Matt Kolodzik (Princeton)- Rematch with Ashnault coming in the quarters which he should handle. Ashnault is dangerous when the lights are on. If Kolodzik beats Ashanult he will run into Heil which will be a great fight to earn a spot in the finals. 
5. Anthony Ashnault (Rutgers)- Talk about a tough road for the Jersey Boy! Pletcher in Round 2 will be harder than expected even after majoring him in Columbus earlier on in February. Ashnault will have to square off against NJ HS foe Kolodzik in the quarters. If he ends up on top, Rutgers will have its only All-American. However, the back-road will cause him problems, but still find him veering himself out and into All-American status for the 3rd time!
6. George DiCamillo (Virginia)- Will this Cavalier finally earn his All-American status?!
7. Joey Ward (North Carolina)- Tar Heel has had an up and down season. It would only be right for Ward to finish off his fantastic career at North Carolina as a 2x All-American. 
8. Randy Cruz (Lehigh)- Will probably fall 2nd round to DiCamillo. Randy will have to battle tough through the backroads to reach the podium. 

149 Pound Predictions: 

1. Zain Retherford (Penn State)- I just cant see him losing. Sorry about it. 
2. Solomon Chishko (Virginia Tech)- Chishko is pretty strong for this weight. He has one of the best assistant coaches in the league, Mountain Man Zadick in the corner. 
3. Brandon Sorensen (Iowa)- Zain struggled with Sorenson at Rec Hall. Sorenson will need to keep the tempo of the match to take him down in the Semis. If Sorensen derails the Zain Train; look for him to capture the title. 
4. Anthony Collica (Oklahoma State)- I see Collica falling to Chishko in the Semis. 
5. Lavion Mayes (Mizzou)- Generous seed for Mayes.  After a Quarters loss, I see the tiger battling back for a podium spot. 
6. Micah Jordan (Ohio State)- Micah has a tough path to the podium. Yet, I see him bouncing back, if he loses to Sorensen in Quarters, to earn All-American status. 
7. Pat Lugo (Edinboro)- Really would like to see this Floridian Fightin Scot who took down Sorensen during NWCA matchup earn  All-American status. 
8. Sam Speno (NC State)