Division 1 Wrestling NCAA ALL-AMERICAN 2017 PREDICTIONS! [157-174 lbs]

By Ron John Rinaldi
Mar. 16, 2017

157 Pound Predictions:
1. Jason Nolf (Penn State)- Nolf’s only struggle will be his Final match against Kemerer
2. Michael Kemerer (Iowa)-Both Nolf and Kemerer are relentless! This will come down to Nolf edging out a flurry to win the title.
3. Dylan Palacio (Cornell)- Palacio will go on a roll after losing to Kemerer Round 2. A third place finish would be a phenomenal feat for this Cornell Senior. 
4. Tyler Berger (Nebraska)- Tough son of a gun fights to the finish in everyone of his matches. I see him earning 4th for Manning & Company. 
5. Joey LaVallee (Mizzou)-Must prove himself here in St.Louis 
6. Jo Jo Smith (Oklahoma St)-I believe JoJo will round up his 2nd All-American medal. 
7. Clayton Ream (North Dakota St)-It may be the year for this Bison to break the ice?
8. Sal Mastrani (Virginia Tech) -Will the Jersey boy reach the podium on his final trek, without Dresser in his corner?

165 Pound Predictions:
1. Isiah Martinez (Illinois)- Quest for Title #3!!!
2. Dan Lewis (Mizzou)- Lewis may upset Vincenzo Joseph in the quarters. With that momentum, I see him beating Massa in the Semis.
3. Issac Jordan (Wisconsin)- I was disappointed to see Jordan and IMar on the same side. Jordan vs IMar would have been a great title bout.
4. Logan Massa (Michigan)
5. Anthony Valencia (Arizona State)

6. Vincenzo Joseph (Penn State)- Winner of Match with Lewis will make finals
7. Chandler Rogers (Oklahoma St)- Rogers must beat Cottrell in 2nd Round which will be a BIG 12 rematch.
8. Te’Shan Campbell (PITT)

174 Pound Predictions:
1. Zahid Valencia (Arizona State)-Zahid has proven himself to be a top of the class. PAC 12 Championship bout was a snap shot of how you will see him perform throughout his career. 
2. Bo Jordan (Ohio State)-He doesnt have an easy road to the big stage, but BoJo has been turning up as of late. Keep in mind the Buckeye has a lingering injury that might effect his performance. Nevertheless, I have confidence in Poppa Bo. 
3. Mark Hall (Penn State)- Lets see what this kid is really all about when the lights are on!
4. Zach Epperly (Virginia Tech)- I am predicting a Brunson and Epperly Backside Bloodround bout for AA status. 
5. Brian Realbuto (Cornell)
6. Ryan Preish (Lehigh)- Curious to see if this Mountain Hawk finds a nest in All-American status. 
7. Alex Meyer (Iowa)- Brands will lead this boy to a podium position. 
8. Kyle Crutchmer (Oklahoma St)-What you got CrutchDaddy Flex?! Tough road but bring it on!!!