Blue Jackets Beat Flyers in a Battle in Philly.

Hello Everybody, the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia was the Place to be if you were a Blue Jackets Fan as they scored a 5-3 victory over the now struggling Flyers.

The Blue Jackets won a game which had some good ole fashion hockey and the Broad Street Bullies got taken down in their backyard.


The Blue Jackets had some Goal scorers and the hero of the game.


Sam GAGNER started the scoring in the first. 


Cam Atkinson had goals in the first and third periods.


Zach WERENSKI had a goal in the second.


And Brandon Dubinsky who was the hero of the game when he put the Blue Jackets out in front for good with a goal in the third.


The Flyers had a chance but in the end their struggles came back to haunt them.


Travis KONECNY had a goal in the First


Brayden SCHENN had a goal in the Second.


And that's pretty much all the Flyers had all night as they go down to the Red Hot Blue Jackets.

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Blue Jackets Coach John TORTORELLA wanted his players to play with more intensity, Did they ever respond in a big way. TORTORELLA said to reporters " I was very happy with our teams performance on Monday Night we have one of the hottest teams in the NHL and we can make some noise in the Playoffs. However we do have about 2 weeks left in the season and anything can happen down the stretch. So we will see how it plays out for us. I would love to have a number one seed in the Playoffs.


Well Here's my take on the Blue Jackets and John TORTORELLA might want to see this. 


These are the Current Metropolitan Division Standings at the moment


Washington Capitals 95 points


Pittsburgh Penguins 95 points


Columbus Blue Jackets 94 points


The Blue Jackets are right there and the one seed in the Eastern Conference is not out of reach at all.

If the Playoffs were to begin today the Blue Jackets would be a 3 seed in the Playoffs and they would get the Pittsburgh Penguins in the 1st Round.

The Blue Jackets have already had a record setting year already and last night they set two more records in their win over Philadelphia. They set a new record for the most win with 44 and they set a new record for the most points scored with 94. The Blue Jackets are the team to beat in the NHL Eastern Conference and they will make a lot of major noise in the Playoffs. So what will happen down the stretch, we will see.

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Flyers Head Coach Dave HAKSTOL was not very happy with his team down the stretch on Monday Night,This is what he had to say to reporters " I am very disappointed on how we played in the game. Yes we did lead but we couldn't hang on to it and we gave it away late. We have some struggles here lately and I hope we can get it together and hopefully make a playoff run but it doesn't look good for us at the moment.


Well Coach HAKSTOL nailed it right on the head. Here's my take on the Flyers and everybody in Philly Knows it. The Flyers are Struggling. They Have lost 10 of their last 15 games. They are now 6 points out of a playoff spot with 14 games left in the season.


The once Proud Broad Street Bullies of the NHL have been reduced to not much of anything this season. But if they want to make a playoff run they need to get it together Now and they need at least two other teams to have very late season struggles down the stretch if they want to get in to the playoffs.

And now in closing I will say this to a lot of People the Philadelphia Flyers will always be the Broad Street Bullies. Now we have another team that has a new Honorable Distinction.