It's Conference Tournament Time and I have my predictions.

Hello Everyone, The Regular Season in College Basketball is over. It's now Conference Tournament time all over the country. And In the next few minutes you're going to get my take on the Big six conferences in College Basketball. And they are the following conferences.


Big East

Big 10

Big 12



And when I get finished with telling you what to look for this week you will get my pick on who's going to take the conference tournaments. And you might be surprised at a couple of picks. But anyway Let's get started.


The ACC:


This was the most difficult conference to pick a winner because the conference is loaded this time. Their are eight teams that have a possibility of winning the Conference. North Carolina is the Defending Conference tournament champions, can they do it again, Well they will have their hands full this time. The Conference is loaded and here are the teams in contention.  


North Carolina- The Defender, They have almost run over the competition this season and they are one of the Number one seeds this season.

Florida State- a Surprise team, Nobody gave them a chance but they can be a sleeper team going in

Louisville- Lookout for them, Coach Rick PITINO has his team ready to go after the scandal that hit a couple of years ago and they are ready

Notre Dame- They can come out of nowhere, Don't take the Fighting Irish lightly because they have a good team

Duke- They are coming off of a loss to UNC, They have had some struggles. The y were the preseason No.1 but that was a long time ago

Virginia Tech- You better start talking about them now. They have a legit chance of winning the conference tournament. They have a couple of upset wins this season. 

Virginia- Nobody wants to face them because of the best Defense in the Country. And if you have to play their kind of Basketball you're not going to score 50 points or more against them

Miami- They have shocked Duke and they could be a threat in the end. But they do have a couple of other upset wins under their belt.


Now those are the eight teams that can win the conference championship. But we have three other teams that are fighting just to get in and these three teams need to go as far as they can and they are.  


Syracuse-They are on the Bubble. But they have three wins against the top-10 this season. And they did upset Duke at home.

Wake Forest- They are the Last Four in. They need to go all the way to the Conference finals to have any chance of getting in.

 Georgia Tech And Clemson- They are both the Next Four Out. They to need to go as far as they can. The Both of them need to win the Conference tournament to have any chance at all.



The Big East:

 We Have three teams that have a Legit chance of winning the Conference tournament.

 Villanova-The defending National Champion, they are the odds on favorites to win it all again

Butler- They Can be a threat. And Butler has on of the Best Teams in the country and lookout for them in the Big East tournament.

Creighton- They have a good team but they did struggle a little bit in the conference. When they Lost Maurice Watson Jr. That's when everything went wrong. Despite that they have a legit chance of stealing the Big East Crown

These three teams are the teams to watch in the Big East Tournament and they can take it all.


 The Big East Believe it or not has 3 teams on the Bubble

Seton Hall-The Defending champions of the Conference. They have had some struggles all season long but if they can get a couple of wins under their belt they will be in the Big Dance.

Providence- They Need to get a win or two if they want to be in the field

Marquette- They Need to get a couple of wins themselves if they want to be a factor in the Big Dance.

 But there's one team in my opinion that needs to go almost all the way is Xavier because they are one of the Last Four in and they need to almost win it all.

The Big 10:

The Big 10 has been somewhat of a lackluster this year But there are some teams that could take the Conference championship.

Purdue- The Favorite they did beat Northwestern on Sunday and they are the team to beat lookout for the Boilermakers.

Maryland- They have had some struggles this season. But lookout because they can jump out at you.

Wisconsin- They Did win on Sunday however they have had some up's and downs this season.

Minnesota- The Golden Gophers have had their up's and downs this season themselves but they do have a legit chance of winning the Big 10 tournament.

Northwestern- If somebody would have said to me lookout for the Wildcats I would have said no way. Despite the Loss to Purdue On Sunday The Wildcats have a Excellent chance of winning the Big 10. They are almost a lock for the NCAA tournament. And they do have a big Victory over Michigan so look out for Northwestern.

Michigan- They have a couple of upset wins under their Belt and one of those wins came against Wisconsin. The Wolverines have had some let downs this season. Losing to Minnesota in overtime earlier this season. And Northwestern shocked the Wolverines with a 75-foot pass and Lay-Up to beat Michigan. Despite All of that Michigan Remains confident that can take the Big 10 Tournament.

 Michigan State- The Defending Big 10 Champs. They have struggled almost all season. But They do remain confident going into the Big 10 Tournament. But in my opinion Michigan State needs to go a long way in the Big 10 tournament to have any chance. I know they are not a bubble team but a couple of wins would not hurt them going forward because if they don't get at least a win or two in he Big 10 tournament they will not be  factor in the NCAA tournament.


Now we have two teams that are part pf the first four out

Iowa- They did beat Penn State on Sunday. However they need to get at least two or three victories in the tournament if they want to get in.

Illinois- They are in the same boat. They have to get at least two or three wins themselves if they want to get in the tournament.

Big 12:

 Kansas- The 13 time Big 12 champions. I don't know how Bill Self does it. So Kansas is the Major threat in the Big 12 tournament.

Baylor- They can be a team that could dethrone the Jayhawks and they are a team you better take seriously because they can beat you any way possible.

West Virginia- They have upset both Baylor and Kansas and they are a team that can beat you. Coach Bob Huggins has his team ready for the Big 12 tourney.

Iowa State- Nobody has talked about them much this season. But they are a sleeper that can spoil the Party for the top 3 in the Big 12 so Don't take Iowa State Lightly.

Oklahoma State- If somebody would have told me lookout in Stillwater for the Cowboys I would have said No way. But the Cowboys have some big wins this season and they are another Sleeper team that can pull of some upsets in the Tournament.


The One team in my opinion that needs to go all the way and win it is Kansas State. They are one of the first four out and they need at least two Big upsets and win the Big 12 tournament to have any chance of getting into the Big Dance.

The SEC:

Kentucky- The Defender, They won the Conference tournament one year ago and they are one of many teams that are looking to get a top-seed in the Big Dance and hopefully win it all this season. They have the team to do it but can they win the Conference tournament.

Florida- They have a great team and they have Given Kentucky a run for their money all season long and they can be a threat to win the Conference crown in the SEC and they can beat you any way possible. So lookout for the Gators.


And their are three other possible contenders for the SEC title as well.


South Carolina

Ole Miss

These three teams are teams you can't take lightly because they might not be as big as Kentucky or Florida but they have a chance of stealing the SEC and I think they can do it.


There's one other team to think about and that's Vanderbilt because they are one of the last four in at the moment. Vanderbilt needs to get at least two or three wins in the SEC tournament if they want to be in the Big Dance.

The Pac-12

Arizona-The won the Regular Season crown and they are the favorites out on the west coast and they are a team that has beaten UCLA and others this season so lookout for Arizona in the Pac-12 Tournament.

Oregon- They are the Defending Pac-12 tournament Champions and they are a legitimate threat to win it all again. They just missed taking the Pac-12 regular Season title. But they are a team on my watch list.

UCLA- The Bruins kind of find themselves in a odd position. They didn't win the regular season crown and they have one bad loss to Arizona this season. The Bruins are fighting for a top seed in the NCAA tournament and they can be a threat to take the Pac-12 Tournament championship.

Utah- Nobody hasn't talked about the Utes very much. But I will say this to everybody you better lookout for the Utes in the Pac-12 tournament and they are a big threat to winning the Pac-12 title. But if they can upset UCLA or Arizona I will say they are for real. 


Now we have two teams that are fighting to have any chance of being in the Big Dance 

USC- They are one of the last four in. They need to get a couple of big wins in the Pac-12 tourney if they want to be in the NCAA field.

California- It's very simple for them. They have to win the Conference Tournament Plain And Simple and they have to get at least one quality win in the conference tournament as well.

Now it's time for my picks on who wins it all 

ACC-My Pick is North Carolina because they can clinch a top seed for the Big Dance if they win

Big East- My Pick Butler, Why you ask because I do have some issues with Villanova because they have do have some bad losses this season.

Big 10- My Pick Purdue, Because I have some issues with Wisconsin after the slump they were in and I don't like the chances of the Defender Michigan State

Big 12- My Pick Kansas to repeat because Bill Self has the team that can go all they way. And I'm Not just talking about  the Conference tournament but also the NCAA tournament.

SEC- Kentucky to repeat, Because they are the hottest team in the SEC and they are fighting for a top-seed in the NCAA tournament.

Pac-12 My Pick UCLA, Because they have been in this position before they are fighting for a top seed. Yes Arizona has upset them. But I feel good About UCLA in the end.

Well Ladies and Gentlemen that wraps it up. My picks for the Big 6 conference Tournaments and my predictions page. And just a reminder that We are 6 Days away from Selection Sunday and we will find out who gets what seed and where they go. And we will also see who gets in and who's left out. Let's Enjoy Tournament Madness this week and get ready for Selection Sunday this coming Sunday. And one last thing, May the Best Teams win.