The Orange Bowl is just around the corner. Michigan and Florida State are ready.

Hi everybody. The 2016 Capital One Orange Bowl is just around the corner. The 6TH Ranked Michigan WOLVERIENS Will face the 11th Ranked Florida State Seminoles on Friday night.  Both Michigan and Florida State say they are both ready. But Here's the question how ready are they. In the Next Few minutes you will Find Out who has the Advantage going into this showdown in Miami on Friday Night. Now let's get started and at the end I will give you my final score prediction.

The Michigan Offense vs Florida State's Defense: Wilton Speight did have 2375 passing yards this season. And he was one of the Best Quarterbacks in the BIG 10 But Florida State has a good solid Defense they have a 77.8% Defense rating which puts them at 9th in the country. So with that in mind I have to give the edge to Florida State because they have a excellent Defense and their Secondary is one that you don't want to mess with. And they can be what decides the game right there.


Florida State's Offense vs Michigan's Defense: Florida State has a great Passing Game and Running Game. Deondre FRANCIOS passed for 3128 yards this season. Dalvin Cook had 1620 yards Rushing this season. So Florida State has a solid Offense. But Michigan does have the Best Defensive Play in JARBRILL Peppers. I know you think all he did was push the Ohio State fan after they lost in Columbus. But Peppers can be a player who can do a lot of Damage on Defense. So with all of this in mind The Edge goes to Michigan because they do have one of the best Defenses in the BIG 10 and they do Have JABRILL Peppers who can do some Damage.

Special Teams: Michigan's Kenny Hill has been good in the Field Goal department. He has hit 16-of-20 this season with his long field goal being a 51-yarder. He's also perfect on PA.T. Attempts this season. But as For Florida State, Ricky AGUAYO is perfect on P.A.T Attempts this season. But he has struggled a little bit on Field Goal Attempts. He's only 17-of-24 this season with his long one being a 47-yarder. Florida State also does have Logan Tyler if they need him. He's 3-for-3 on P.A.T. attempts and he's 1-for-2 on Field Goal attempts with longest being a 53-yarder. But in the end if it comes down to a field goal try at the end or to force overtime. I have to give a SLIGHT Edge to Michigan Because Kenny Hill has been Great all season.

Intangibles: Well Folks I am going to say it now. We are going to be in for a Defensive, Smash mouth in Your face defensive battle in this Orange Bowl. It' going to be decided in the trenches. And whoever can force the most turnovers will be the Winner. Michigan's Defense is one of the Best in the Big 10 I admit it. But Florida State the 9th best Defensive in the country so with all of this in mind the Slight edge goes to Florida State because of their secondary and their Defense.

My Final score Prediction is very Simple. Florida State wins a close and low scoring game 17-14.