Major Trade in question?

Is he still heading to the Dodgers?
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

I hate being the bearer of bad news but the Dodgers may not being getting Mat Latos. "Spencer tweeted early Wednesday evening that the trade was “far from complete” and that it may not happen. He added that Latos and Morse remain in the Miami clubhouse but are not on the field with the team for batting practice. Wittenmeyer reported Wednesday evening that the deal is on hold due to pending medicals. Both Latos and Morse will be in uniform for the Marlins Wednesday night against the Washington Nationals in Miami, reports Fox Sports’s Ken Rosenthal." Ken Rosenthal (Fox Sports)

I do believe that the trade could still go through depending on the third team. I believe the Marlins realized they were giving more away then what they were receiving. I was stunned when I first saw it reported. The Marlins even gave the Dodgers a draft pick to take a solid pitcher something didn't add up. ESPN's Jim Bowden reports that a third team is involved in the deal, and that there are other parts in play. This could also be a potential factor in the uncertainty surrounding the trade. (Sports Illustrated)

The story has become a interesting plot twist to follow. I hope for the Dodgers sake that they still land Mat Latos. I want to see a New York Yankee versus the Los Angles Dodgers. I know it is pipedream but it happens on MLB the Show 15. I believe that would be great for baseball ratings. I am sure that Fox Sports executives are wishing on a star for the trade to go through.

The Giants have won three of the five world series, however they have received very low ratings. Baseball needs big market it is not the NFL. I respect the San Francisco Giants they are in my local market. I enjoy watching baseball in general and I am very passionate about it.

My gut says the trade will go through and I will watch this developing story until completion. Let me know in the comments if you believe Latos will be in Dodger blue?  


Kristopher M. Newcome