Mets Trade?

Gomez no longer to the Mets.
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The General Manager of the Mets Sandy Alderson says that, “There is no trade,” Alderson told reporters. “Unfortunately, social media, etc., got ahead of the facts and it may have had an adverse effect on one of the players rumored to be involved. It was an unfortunate situation; it’s something I’ve addressed personally with a player involved.” Jimmy Traina, (Sports Illustrated)

The Mets would have been a major force to take the wildcard now the Cubs still have a chance. I would have loved to see this deal have gone through, sadly we will never know. The Mets have struggled for a long time as a franchise and this could have changed their string of bad luck. The offense is what is holding them back. The pitching on the Mets is very dominant if they can stay healthy.

The Brewers still should deal Gomez and Braun before July 31. However, I am skeptical that they will pull a major deal at the deadline. The Brewers are in need of prospects they are already out of the playoff race. Prince Fielder was the straw that stirred the drink for them. I am fascinated to see if he trade does go through at the last minute. Sound off in the comments!


Kristopher M. Newcome