Not the home opener the Wizards were looking for

I was hoping my first blog post about the Washington Wizards would read something along these lines, "Wizards get their first win of the 2016-2017 season in Scott Brooks first home game".  But now it reads something along the lines of, "We have seen this before". 

These first three games have been exactly what every Wizards fan has felt the past couple of seasons. We have a lead, we lose it, we get it back, we lose it, we come close to coming back and in the last minute or so, we blow it. With 1:53 left in the 4th quarter, the Wizards were only down four points after mounting a nine point deficit going into the quarter. In the blink of an eye the game ends and the Wizards are 0-3. 113-103, advantage, Raptors. 

There are only a couple of positives out of this win. Hey, John looked great and played the aggressive type of basketball we love to see out of him. He scored 33 points on a 68% clip and tallied 11 assists. Lets just ignore the nine turnovers... Wait look over here! Distraction from bad plays! Otto Porter had himself a game as well scoring 23 points on 11-13 shooting while grabbing 11 rebounds. 

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe it is because the bench combined for a whopping 11 points and every starter played 35+ minutes (Gortat 43 minutes). Maybe it is payback for all the jokes Wizards fans have made about sweeping the Raptors two seasons ago in the playoffs (We tend to cling onto the past...Is Gilbert Arenas still available to sign?!?). Either way, this Fridays game against the 3-1 Atlanta Hawks is a MUST WIN. Starting the season 0-4 will not shine positive light on Brooks and his new squad or bode well for Wizards fans.