Marco Belinelli to Charlotte.

Yet again, there is one more trade that has been announced. I'll let Yahoo NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski report.



     For Sacramento, this is simple. By trading a role player in Belinelli, they acquire another pick in the first round which they can either use to draft a young player or trade for even more assets. I really like what they did here. They did not have to trade much to acquire the first round pick. I give them a A because this is a low risk-high reward move. They can draft someone or trade the pick, but they will benefit either way. 

Goodbye Marco.
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports


     This is a questionable move by Charlotte. Why do they trade their first round pick for a role player whose best skill is knocking down 3's at a high rate. In my opinion, they should have just kept the pick and drafted a young talent who they could develop. No disrespect to Marco Belinelli but he is clearly not worth a first round pick. It remains to be seen what Charlotte's plan with Belinelli (I see them keeping him because otherwise what's the point of making this trade). I am not a fan of this trade at all, and as such I give them a C.

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