Are The Milwaukee Brewers In Trouble Without Christian Yelich.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Picture You See Is Christian Yelich Being Helped Of The Field On Tuesday After Suffering a Broken Right Knee Cap On After a Foul Ball Hit Him. The Medical Staff Diagnosed The Broken Knee Cap Injury And Yelich Is Out For The Rest Of The Season. The Injury Was Announced By The Medical Staff A Short While Later. And Yelich Is Out For The Season.

Brewers General Manager David Stearns..

" I Got The Bad News Of Christian's Injury And I Told Our Team They Will Have To Regroup Without Their Team Leader. And Everybody In The Clubhouse Took The News Pretty Hard, However I Did Tell Them That We Still Are a Team."

Brewers Manager Craig Counsell..

" When I Found Out How Bad The Injury Was I Told The Team They Will Be Minus Their Team Leader. And Yes, It's Going To Be Very Difficult, Because Without Our Leader, Christian Yelich The Team Won't Be Themselves, But I Also Told My Guys You Have a Chance To Be Something Special. And Now We Have Something To Play For."

Marlins Manager Don Mattingly..

"I Feel So Bad For Christian Because He's a Competitor. This Is a Huge Setback For The Brewers Because They Were 2 Games Back Of The Chicago Cubs In The Wild Card Race. This Is Not What The Brewers Need."

So Here Are Three Questions That Need To Be Answered.

No.1 Are The Brewers In Trouble

No.2 Who Will See Playing Time In Yelich's Absence.

No.3 Who's The Next Best Bat For The Brewers.

To Answer Question No.1, I Say YES!!!!, The Brewers Are Royally Screwed Without Yelich. He Led The Team In All Offensive Production. He Had 44 Home Runs, 97 RBI's, 161 Hits And 328 Total Bases, And His Other Numbers Tell The Story. .329/.429/.671, OPS 1.100, The Milwaukee Brewers Are In Trouble.

To Answer Question No.2, Trent Grisham Will See More Playing Time Because Of Yelich's Injury. He Has Played In 33 Games This Season. He Has Four Home Runs, 13 RBI's, His Other Numbers Are Fair, .263/.324/.455, OPS .779, Now That's Pretty Good. Don't Surprised If Brewers Manager Craig Counsell Turns To Grisham Because He Has Proved Himself.

To Answer Question No.3, The Answer Is Mike Moustakas, The Moose Had 2 Home Runs On Wednesday In The Marlins 7-5 Victory And Right Now The Moose Is The Next Best Bat That The Brewers Have. Moustakas Has 31 Home Runs, 76 RBI's And His Other Numbers Are a Distant 2nd Best. .260/.332/.522, OPS .854, The Moose Is Going To Have To Step Up Like He Did On Wednesday Because He's The Next Best Bat The Brewers Have.

Here's My Take..

The Brewers Are In Trouble Without Their MVP Candidate. Yelich And Cody Bellinger Of The Los Angeles Dodgers Were Fighting Out For The National League MVP, Now As For As Yelich Goes That's Now Gone. I'm Not Sure About Bellinger Because We Could See Somebody Out Of The Pack Take NL MVP, But I'm Not Holding My Breath.

Now As Far As The Brewers Go, They Are Screwed Without Their Superstar. Think About It For a Minute, Yelich Led The Team In Offensive Production Every Which Way Possible, Now Without Him The Brewers Could Be Hurting Down The Stretch. And Yes Yelich's Injury Came At The Worst Possible Time. They Are 2 Games Behind The Cubs In The NL Wild-Card Race And The Brewers Have a Tough Rest Of The Schedule. And To Be Quite Honest With You I Don't See The Brewers Making The Playoffs, And Here's Who The Brewers Have Left.

3. Against St Louis.

4. Against San Diego.

3. Against Pittsburgh.

3. Against Cincinnati.

3 Against Colorado.

I'm Very Concerned About The St Louis Cardinals Because The Cardinals Have Had The Brewers Number All-Season. San Diego, You Might Want To Watch out. Pittsburgh And Cincinnati They Are At The Bottom Of The NL Central, However They Can Play The Role Of Spoiler Very Well. The Rockies, The Brewers Have To Go On The Road To Face Them, YIKES!!!!.

So Are The Brewers Finished Without Their Superstar Christian Yelich, They're Still Alive Technically, But I Don't See Them Making The Playoffs If You Really Take a Good Long Look.

Bottom Line..