Here Are The Winners And Losers Of The 2019 MLB Trade Deadline.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The 2019 Trade Deadline Has Come And Gone. There Will Be No More Of These Extra Trades Like In Years Past, Remember The Justin Verlander Trade On August 31st 2017, We Will Not Be Seeing Anything Like That Anymore.

Now I Have Some Of The Winners And Losers Of The 2019 Trade Deadline. And I Have Also Included a Couple Of Teams That Are Kind Of In Between.


Houston Astros: The Astros Chances Of Winning The World Series May Have Just Shot Through The Roof As They Acquired Zack Greinke From The Arizona Diamondbacks. The Astros Pitching Has Just Gotten More Dangerous Than Ever Before. Think About The Astros Have Justin Verlander, Gerrit Cole, Wade Miley And Now Zack Greinke. The Former Arizona Star Brings a 10-4 Record As a Diamondback To Houston Along With 2.90 ERA And He Does Have 130 Strikeouts On The Season. Now With The Edition Of Grenike The Houston Astros Are Now Of a Threat.

And Yes The Astros Did Add Some Help In The Bullpen As They Acquired Joe Biagini From The Toronto Blue Jays, Biagini Has One Save But He Also Has Ten Holds And With An ERA Of 3.78 He Can Be a Middle Reliver That The Astros Need. The Astros Also Got Another Blue Jays Pitcher In Aaron Sanchez And I See Two Major Concerns With Him, He Has a 3-14 Record Along With a 6.07 ERA. That Decision, I Am On The Fence With BIGTIME.

But All In All The Houston Astros Are The Big Winners Because Of Zack Greinke And The Astros Are Now The Odds On Favorites To Win The World Series.

The BIG LOSERS, New York Yankees And Los Angeles Dodgers..

New York Yankees: The Yankees Stayed Quiet At The Trade Deadline Which Really Shocked Everybody. They Did Get Edwin Encarnacion In June But Since Then The Yankees Made No Noise From Then On. The Yankees Really Needed To Get Starting Pitching And They Blew It. Case In Point, Robbie Ray Would Have Been Perfect For The Yankees. The Arizona Diamondback Pitcher Could Have Brought A lot To The Table For The Yankees. Ray Has 9-7 Record And With 173 Strikeouts This Season He Could Have Been a Strikeout Machine For The Yankees And The Yankees Missed Out On a 3.91 ERA From Robbie Ray.

The Yankees Pitching Is Either Very Good Or Very Bad. And The Yankees Missed a Golden Opportunity To Get Another Starting Pitcher Because The Yankees Pitching Has Struggled Over The Last Few Games. And The Yankees Dropped The Ball And It May Comeback To Haunt Them In October.

Los Angeles Dodgers: The Dodgers Did Make a Couple Of Minor Deals In Getting Jedd Gyorko From The St Louis Cardinals And He Won't Bring Much. Gyorko Only Has Two Home Runs And His Other Numbers Speak For Themselves, .196/.274/.304 And He Only Has An OPS Of .578 So He Won't Do Much In LA.

The Other Minor Trade Was Adam Kolarek From The Tampa Bay Rays. He Could Help The Dodgers Bullpen In Middle Relief. He Only Has One Save But He Has 10 Holds And With an ERA Of 3.95 He Could Help The Dodgers Bullpen.

But The HUGE Mistake For The Dodgers Was Not Getting a Good Setup For Kenley Jansen. Now I Grant You That Jansen Has 25 Saves And An ERA of 3.59, However Jansen Needs a Setup Man And He Did Not Get One So Could That Be The One Thing That Stops The Dodgers In October We Will Have TO Wait And See. But The Dodgers Dropped The Ball Bigtime.

Somewhere In Between, Cleveland Indians And Cincinnati Reds.

Cleveland Indians: The Cleveland Indians Might Have Been a Winner And Loser Because They Did Get Yasiel Puig From The Cincinnati Reds. Puig Brings 22 Home Runs, 61 RBI's And His Other Numbers Are Pretty Good And Here's What I Mean, .252/.302/.475 And With An OPS Of .777 He Could Be What The Indians Need. But There Are Some Issues With Puig, He Needs To Watch His Temper. Puig's Temper Could Hurt The Indians a Little Bit. And Puig And The Indians Are Going To Have TO Await What Punishment Major League Baseball Hands Out To Puig For His Role In a Bench Clearing Brawl In Cincinnati On Tuesday. Puig Got Into With The Pittsburgh Pirates When He Was With The Reds, Now The Indians Are Going To Have To Find Out How Long Puig Will Be Out.

Cincinnati Reds: The Reds Are In The Same Boat As The Indians But Only a Little Different. The Reds Did Get Trevor Bauer In The Same Trade. Bauer Brings a 9-8 Record Along with a 3.79 ERA. And Bauer Has 185 Strikeouts This Season. But Bauer's Attitude Has Been Less The Good. Case In Point, Did You See Trevor Bauer Throw The Ball Over The Centerfield Wall On Sunday In a Game Against The Kansas Royals, I Sure Did. It Was Because Bauer Got Pulled From The Game By Indians Manager Terry Francona, Tito Wax Not Happy With Trevor Bauer And What He Did So The Skipper Went On a Profane Tirade And Told Bauer To Get Into The Dugout, Just Not Exactly In That Way.

Bauer Better Get Use To Being a Loser Because The Reds Lost Nine In a Row And Their Chances Of Making The Playoffs Stand at 4.9%.

Bottom Line..