The Red Sox Have Lost Eight Straight And There's No End In Sight.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Red Sox Have Lost Eight In a Row And There's No End In Sight. In The Four Game Set Against The New York Yankees The Red Sox Got a HUGE BEATDOWN In The Bronx. The New York Yankees Outscored The Boston Red Sox 26-12 In The Four Game Set At Yankee Stadium. The Red Sox Struggles Continue. This Is a Total Meltdown From a Week Ago At Fenway When The Red Sox Took 3-Of-4 From The Yankees.

So The Question Is What Happened, Was It The Hitting Or The Pitching, I Will Say This It Was a Whole Lot Of Both And Here's What I Mean.

The Hitting..

The Red Sox Three Power Hitters Were Completely Helpless In The Four Game Set Against The Yankees. I Am Talking About Mookie Betts, Rafael Devers And Xander Bogaerts. All Three Were Almost Hitless In This Series, As a Matter Of Fact One Hitter Was Hitless, And Here's What I Mean.

Rafael Devers: He Has a Batting Average Of .320, Well I Have News For You. Devers Was a Combined 2-for-16 And Had Four Strikeouts.

Xander Bogaerts: He Has a Batting Average Of .306, Well In This Four Game Set Against The Yankees He Was Hitless, Try 0-For-16 And He Struck Out Three Times.

Mookie Betts: He's Hitting .284, Well He Was Not Much Better Against The Yankees. Betts Was 2-For-15 With Three Strikeouts.

These Three Big Bats Were Silent In This Set And If You Combine All Three Players, Betts, Devers And Bogaerts They Have a Combined 66 Home Runs Between All Three, But In This Series At Yankee Stadium All Three Of These Big Bats Were A Combined 4-For-47 With Ten Strikeouts, OUCH!!!!!!!!

The Pitching..

The Pitching For The Red Sox Has Been a Total Disaster. And I Have Three Of The Best Pitchers From The Red Sox Staff From Last Year. All Three Were Sensational And I Am Talking About Chris Sale, Eduardo Rodriguez And Rick Porcello. All Three Have Struggled And It Will Be a Miracle If Somebody Doesn't Get Sent To The Minors, Here's What I Mean.

Chris Sale: He Has 193 Strikeouts This Season So What's The Problem, Try This On For Size. Sale Has a 5-11 Record With a 4.68 ERA, But In The Last Seven Days Sale's Has An ERA 14.00, SEND HIM TO THE MINORS!!!!!!!.

Eduardo Rodriguez: He Is 13-5 With 4.19 ERA, And He Does Have 139 Strikeouts This Season, What's The Deal, His ERA In The Last Seven Days Has Been 5.40, And That's The Best Of The Best Of The Bunch.

Rick Porcello: He's The Other Who Really Worries Me And Red Sox Nation Might Want To See This. Porcello Has a 9-8 Record With 99 Strikeouts This Season, But He Has a 5.74 ERA And In The Last Seven Days His ERA Has Been 9.53, YIKES!!!!!!!.

Now Here's My Take..

Let's Face It The Boston Red Sox Are Just About Eliminated Form Any Talk Of The Post Season And You Saw What Happened Against The New York Yankees. The Red Sox Are Just Going To Plain Flat Out Need a Miracle. And Red Sox Nation I Hate To Say But There's Not One Coming In 2019. And Deep Down Everybody In Boston And All Red Sox Fans Are Thinking The Same Thing.

The Hitting Was a Nightmare, When Your Three Big Bats Go a Combined 4-For-47 With 10 Strikeouts You Tend To Get Swept. And When One Of Your Best Pitchers Struggles With a 5-11 Record With An ERA 14.00 In The Last Seven Days You Will Lose Ballgames.

So The Blame For The Red Sox Struggles Lie With The Front Office For Not Getting Anybody At The Trade Deadline. The Hitting For Not Getting The Job Done In The Bronx. And You Can Blame The Pitching For Being Scott Norwood Wide Right.

And That's All I Have To Say About That.