Nick Bosa Knocks Baker Mayfield Flat.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns may have lost to the San Francisco 49ers 31-3, But the story of the game was what 49ers defensive player Nick Bosa did to Cleveland Browns Quarterback Baker Mayfield.

Go back to the 2017 Oklahoma-Ohio State game. Nick Bosa was one of the best defensive players that the Buckeyes had at the time. But on the other hand Baker Mayfield was a future Heisman Trophy winner, he would win the Heisman Later that year.

After the 2017 Game between Oklahoma and Ohio State, then quarterback Baker Mayfield proceeded to the middle of Ohio Stadium and planted to OU Flag right on the block O at OSU.

Now let's talk about what happened in the Browns-49ers game, It was coming up towards the end of the 1st half of play, Bosa had the opportunity to get even with Mayfield for what happened two years earlier, And Man Oh Man did he get even.

Nick Bosa would proceed to knock Mayfield to the ground causing and Intentional grounding call.

And in the end Bosa and the 49ers would go on to have the final say winning the game 31-3. I know Mayfield is with the Browns, but deep down inside a lot of people were thinking thank you Nick Bosa for getting the sweet revenge on Mayfield For what he did in Columbus 2 years ago.

Here's My Take..

Deep down inside, and yes I admit it, I wanted to see Baker Mayfield get his comeuppance after what he did in Columbus back in 2017. All of Ohio State Nation, I'm sure were very happy about what Bosa did on Monday Night. I know Bosa is on the opposing team but he is an Ohio State alum and he has my respect even though Baker Mayfield is with the Cleveland Browns, But still you can't help remember what happened that night at the Horseshoe 2 years ago.

Cleveland Fans, I'm sorry about this but I have to take my hats off to Nick Bosa for getting the revenge for what Mayfield did at the shoe. But I do respect Baker Mayfield, But on the other hand Ohio State has memories of what happened and this was not going to be forgotten by Bosa and Ohio State Nation.