The Boston Red Sox Are Beating The Yankees Into The Ground.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY SportsBob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

If Somebody Was To Ask Me To Give a Quick Update On The Last Two Games Between The New York Yankees And Boston Red Sox, I Would Say That We Are Seeing THE BOSTON MASSACURE In Reverse. The Red Sox Have Just Dominated The First Two Games Of The Series Winning By a Combined Score Of 29-8, I'm NOT JOKING At All. And To Prove I Have The Numbers For Some Players From Both Teams You Might Be Interested In. And Yes This Is For The First Two Games Combined.

The New York Yankees...

I Just Want To Let You Know Real Quick That Masahiro Tanaka Got Rocked In The Game. He Went 3 1/3 Innings Allowing 12 Runs On 12 Hits. Did You Know That's The Second Most. That Bad Distinction Of Giving Up The Most Runs In a Game Goes To Carl Mays. He Gave Up 13 Runs Back In 1923.

As For The Bats For The Yankees, They Have Been Almost Stone Cold.

Aaron Judge, The Judge Has Been Found Guilty Of Being Almost Hitless, He's 1-For-9 In The Series So Far With a Strikeout.

DJ LeMahieu, He's Almost As Bad, 1-For-7 With Two Strikeouts Himself.

Didi Gregorious, Sir Didi Has Just Been As Bad Himself. Try 2-for-8 With a Strikeout.

Luke Voit, He's Been The Only Highlight Of This Series At Fenway So Far, He's 4-For-8 And That's The Best Right Now.

Edwin Encarnacion, The Former Cleveland Indians Star, He's Not Any Better, As a Matter Of Fact He's The Worst Of The Bunch. He's 1-for-9 With Three Strikeouts.

Boston Red Sox..

I Hope The Red Sox Don't Put The Fire Out On The Bats Because They Are Red Hot Against The Yankees At The Moment.

Mookie Betts, 6-for-11 So Far In The Series Four Runs, Seven RBI's And Three Monster Home Runs.

Rafael Devers, 4-for-10 With Three RBI's And a Home Run, Keep It Up Rafael And Stay Red Hot.

Xander Bogarets, 5-for-10 With One Run, Four RBI's And Two Home Runs, But He Does Have Two Strikeouts So Far.

J.D. Martinez, 4-for-10 With One Run, Three Big RBI's And a Home Run, But He Also Has Two Strikeouts In The Series So Far.

Andrew Benintendi, He's Been Good Himself, 4-for-9 With Three Runs And One RBI. Keep It Up Andrew.

Will We See a Replay Of 1978 Only In Reverse, Here's My Take.

The Yankees Are 10 Games In Front Of The Boston Red Sox At The Moment In The American League East. Flashback To 1978, The Yankees Were 14 Games Out At The All Star Break And Came Back And Won The American League East, You Know BUCKY F---ING Dent Off Of Mike Torres.

But I Don't Think The Red Sox Will Be Able To Catch The Yankees In The American League East. The Yankees Are Just Red Hot. However This Series So Far Proves That The Yankees Are Not BIG And BAD. I Know They Have Dominated The A.L. East So Far But They Are Only Human And This Series Should Serve As a Wakeup Call For The Bronx Bombers, And That They Are a Super Team That Needed a HUGE WAKE UP CALL AND THEY ARE GETTING IT AT FENWAY PARK.