The First College Football Playoff Poll for 2019 has been Released.

By Scott Manning
Nov. 06, 2019

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The first College Football playoff poll for 2019 has been released and yes I found some surprises. But in the end we all will agree that this year in College Football has been unexpecting and surprising.

Now here's the all important first poll.

No.1 Ohio State

No.2 LSU

No.3 Alabama

No.4 Penn State

No.5 Clemson

No.6 Georgia

No.7 Oregon

No.8 Utah

No.9 Oklahoma

No.10 Florida

No.11 Auburn

No.12 Baylor

No.13 Wisconsin

No.14 Michigan

No.15 Notre Dame

No.16 Kansas St

No.17 Minnesota

No.18 Iowa

No.19 Wake Forest

No.20 Cincinnati

No.21 Memphis

No.22 Boise State

No.23 Oklahoma St

No.24 Navy

No.25 SMU.

No.1 Ohio State: The Buckeyes are the class of the field at the moment and they ranked 20th in strength of schedule. And with the Cincinnati Bearcats at No.20 that does help Ohio State and makes the Buckeyes look good when it comes to the SOS. The Buckeys have a fantastic quarterback in Justin Fields, an excellent running back in J.K. Dobbins. And yes Chase Young, is the best defensive player in college football right now. So should Ohio State be No.1, Yes they should. But Don't forget about November 23rd and the showdown for the BIG-10 east against Penn State. Then after that it's off to Ann Arbor to face Michigan.

No.2 LSU-No.3 Alabama: This is the biggest matchup on Saturday. Tua Tugavolia vs Joe Burrow. LSU has proven they can beat the big dogs, but can they beat the biggest one in Alabama, that remains to be seen. Tugavolia has an ankle injury and Bama coach Nick Saban has said Tua's status is still a game time decision. But in my opinion whoever loses this game is out of the discussion for the College Football Playoff.

No.4 Penn State: Penn State is ranked above Clemson because they have the better quality wins over the Tigers. Penn State has Beaten No.16 Iowa and No.15 Michigan. Penn State's SOS is 42nd in the country. The Nittany Lions have two tough tests left on their schedule. No.17 Minnesota, and this time around the Golden Gophers are no slouch head coach PJ Fleck has taken the Gophers to the undefeated mark. Penn State and Minnesota promises to be a good game on Saturday.

No.5 Clemson: Dabo Sweeny was pretty unhappy that the Clemson Tigers came in at No.5, I know they have the Nation's longest winning streak. The real problem is Clemson's SOS, Clemson's two quality wins were against No.12 Texas A&M and a one point escape over North Carolina. Clemson has not had any quality competition, I mean they beat up Wofford 59-14 last Saturday. But at the end of the day let's say it now, Clemson will be in the top-four unless they lose the ACC championship and I don't see that happening.

No.6 Georgia: The Bulldogs did beat the Gators in the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party last Saturday. If it wasn't for a fluke loss to South Carolina we would be talking about Georgia being in the top four. Jake Fromm and the Bulldogs did have a nice recovery after the loss to SC and the Bulldogs could end up being spoiler for LSU or Alabama at the end of the season. The loss to South Carolina might have cost them at the end of the day.

No.9 Oklahoma: The lost to Kansas St really hurts the Sooners and here's why. The Sooners are at No.9 and the huge win over Texas is not looking good with Texas not ranked. First and Foremost the Sooners will have to win out the rest of the way, and that's not going to be easy. The Sooners have to Play Baylor in a couple of weeks and the Bears are undefeated. The 2nd thing that needs to happen is either Utah Or Oregon has to lose before the PAC-12 title game, If that doesn't happen then I don't see a possible path for the Sooners to get their. But I have one more scenario. Let's just say that Georgia Loses or even Clemson Loses there's a couple of paths to get back into the discussion for the CFP, However I don't see that happening either. Oklahoma Needs a miracle.

No.17 Minnesota: The Golden Gophers have surprised everybody with their undefeated record, however everybody's asking why only at No.17, Here's the simple answer, the Gophers have not played anybody and the Strength of Schedule might have hurt the Gophers. Minnesota has a showdown against Penn State which could help them I grant you. But you need to keep in mind,Minnesota has to face Wisconsin and Iowa and yes the BIG-10 west is even up in the air. The Golden Gophers should be the team in the BIG-10 Championship game but the question still remains will it be a rematch against Penn State or do the Gophers face Ohio State.