The MLB Trade Deadline Is Fast Approaching, And I Have The AL List.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The 2019 MLB Trade Deadline Is Just Around The Corner, It's Less That Two Weeks Away To Be Exact. I'm Going To Focus On Four American League Teams That Are Going To Try And Make Some Headway Going Forward, And All Four Of These Teams Have a Shot At The Postseason, One Of Those Teams Is On The Fence Of Getting In, Just To Let You Know.

New York Yankees: The Yankees Acquire- Madison Bumgarner Form The San Francisco Giants. This One Is Perfect For Me In My Opinion Because Bumgarner Is Having a Decent Season So Far, Although The Giants Are Not. Bumgarner May Only Have a 5-7 Record, But He Does Have 121 Strikeouts This Season And He Does Have An ERA Of 3.86.

The Yankees Rotation Is a Good One But Here's The Deal On All Of Them.

Masahiro Tanaka- He Does Have a 6-5 Record With a 3.81 ERA, But His Control Has Been a Problem And His Record Shows It.

James Paxton And Domingo German- No Postseason Experience, And They Will Be Called Upon To Pitch In The Postseason, And You Can Go To The Bank With That.

CC Sabathia- He's a Good Pitcher, But He Needs To Go Deep Into Ballgame,What He Needs To Do Is Maybe Go Seven Or Eight Innings If He Wants To Be Effective, Because Let's Face The Yankees Will Need That From Him Going Down The Stretch.

Minnesota Twins: The Twins Acquire- Noah Syndergaard From The New York Mets. This Is Another Perfect Match. Let's Face It The Mets Are Not Going Anywhere Fast But Down To The Bottom, I Grant You The Mets Beat The Twins In a Quick Two Game Series By a Combined Score Of 17-6. But With The Mets Struggles This Season The Twins Could Use Somebody Like Syndergaard Because He's 7-4 With a 4.55 ERA This Season And He Could Help The Twins The Rest Of The

But Don't Forget This Either, Jake Odorizzi, Kyle Gibson, Michael Pinenda Are All Free Agents At Season's End So Syndergaard Coming To Minnesota Would Be Perfect Because If All Three Leave, Syndergaard Could Be The Go To Guy In The Rotation.

Cleveland Indians: The Cleveland Indians Acquire- Nicholas Castellanos From The Detroit Tigers. This Is a Tough One For The Indians As They Want To Trade Trevor Bauer And Brad Hand But If They Do That The Indians Will Dig Themselves Into a Bigger Hole, And Here's What I Mean.

According To Some Websites The Indians Odds Are Not To Good At The Moment.

The Indians Only Have Under a 10% Chance To Win The Division. The Indians Have a About a 36% Chance Of Getting a Wild Card, And The Odds Are Only 50-50 At The Moment. This Would Have Been An Easier Decision For The Indians If They Know About The Health Of Carlos Carrasco And Corey Kluber, So For Now The Indians Need To Keep Brad Hand And Trevor Bauer. But Castellanos Brings Some Good To The Indians Offense, .282/.341/.465 And His OPS Is a Respectable .806 So Castellanos Can Be a Help On The Offense.

But The Indians Will Have To Run The Gauntlet In August, They Have To Beat The Houston Astros, Los Angeles Angels, Texas Rangers, Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees.

So It Will Be An Uphill Climb For Cleveland The Rest Of The Way.

Houston Astros: The Houston Astros Acquire- Marcus Stroman Form The Toronto Blue Jays. This Is Perfect Because Let's Face The Astros Are Known For Trading For a Pitcher With More Than One Year Left Of Team Control.

But Justin Verlander Needs Some Help On The Backend Of The Rotation. Verlander Is 11-4 With a 2.98 ERA This Season. Gerrit Cole Is a Great Pitcher, He Leads The Team In Strikeouts With 183 This Season,, And He Is 9-5 With a 3.23 ERA This Season. I Haven't Talked Much About Wade Miley This Season. Miley Has Had Some Issues This Season, He Has 91 Strikeouts This Season, Miley Is 7-4 With a 3.32 ERA.

My Issues With Cole And Miley Are Control, They Have Given Away Some Ballgames This Season Because Of Control, If Cole And Miley Work On That They Could Be Effective In The postseason, And Let's Face The Astros Are Trying To Avoid A Deciding Game At Yankee Stadium Or At Target Field.

The Astros Are The Best In The West But The Oakland A's Are Now Only Four Games Back So We Could Have a One Game Showdown For The AL West. I'm Saying Anything Yet On That But It's Something You Might Want To Think About.

Bottom Line...