Will The Cubs Road Woes Cost Them a Shot at The Post-Season.

By Scott Manning
Aug. 18, 2019

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

I Have Had Everybody Approach Me From My Family To Total Strangers On The Street And They Have Asked Me One Question. And That Question Is Scott Will The Chicago Cubs Nightmare Road Record Cost the At The End Of The Season.

My Answer Is Yes And I Have Also Said That This Could Cost Joe Maddon His Job As The Cubs Manager. And Yes I Did See In An Article On B/R.com That There Are Some People In Chicago And Cubs Nation That Have Called For Joe Maddon's Job.

Since 2016, When The Cubs Finally Won It All After 108 Years Everybody Expected The Cubs To Repeat, That Has Not Happened So Far. In 2017 They Loss To The Dodgers In Five In The NLCS. In 2018 They Lost a One-Game Playoff In October To The Milwaukee Brewers At Wrigley Field.

Now In 2019 The Cubs Are In Danger Of Not Making The Playoffs And At The Moment The Cubs are Clinging To The 2nd Wild-Card By One Game Over The Philadelphia Phillies. So The Question Is What's Going With The Cubs In 2019 I Have The Answer For You.

Here Are Some Numbers To Think About And Cubs Fans You Better Pay Attention.

At Home The Cubs Are Fantastic, The Cubs Are 41-19 At Home This Season. That Alone Could Get You In The Postseason. But There's One Huge Problem. The Cubs Are 24-39 On The Road This Season. And That Includes Two Back-To-Back Walk Off Losses To The Phillies On Thursday After The Bullpen Blew a 5-1 Lead In The Bottom Of The Ninth And The Bryce Harper Grand Slam To Win It. Then On Friday The Cubs Bullpen Did It Again As The Pittsburgh Pirates Beat The Cubs 3-2 In a Walk Off Base Hit. I Know The Cubs Beat The Pirates 2-0 On Saturday But All I Have To Say Is He-Haw Because The Cubs Road Record Is Bad. And In The Last 12 Series The Cubs Were 0-12-2 With a 12-27 Record And Yes I Did Include The Last Two Games.

Cubs Record.. At Home 41-19 / Away From Home 24-39.

Now The Hitting..

The Three Biggest Bats Are Javier Baez, Kris Bryant And Anthony Rizzo. And These Would Be The Numbers For Cubs To Take a Good Look At.

Javier Baez: He Is Hitting .284 This Season, When He's At Home Baez Is Hitting Astounding .325. But When He's On The Road His Batting Average Drops Down To .250, But Wait There's More Baez Batting Average In The Last Seven Days, .133 YIKES!!!!!.

Kris Bryant: Bryant Is Hitting .290 On The Season, When Kris Bryant Is At Home He's Hitting .303. However When He's Away From Wrigley His Hitting a Respectable .276 Now That's Pretty Good. But In The Last Seven Days Bryant Is Hitting .227 And That's The Best Of The Three On This Road Trip.

Anthony Rizzo: Now Rizzo Is Batting .282, At Home In Front Of The Home Crowd Rizzo Is Batting .322, WOW!!!!, However When He's On The Road The Batting Average Drops To .247, That Worries Any Cubs Fan. But It Gets Worst, Rizzo's Batting Average In The Last Seven Days Is Only .158 OUCH!!!!

Team Batting Average For The Cubs,, Home .263 / Away .244

Now The Pitching..

Jose Quintana: Quintana Has a 10-7 Record With 124 Strikeouts This Season And He Has a 4.11 ERA. When Quintana Pitches At Home He's 7-4 With a 4.15 ERA. When Jose Has To Pitch On The Road He's Only 3-3 But The ERA Of 4.06 Is Down By a Fraction. So As Far As Jose Quintana It's a Tradeoff.

Kyle Hendricks: I Have a Couple Of Concerns About Hendricks, Yes I Know He Has 3.37 ERA And Yes He Has 115 Strikeouts. But He Only Has a 8-9 Record This Season. At Home Hendricks Is 4-2 With a 1.98 ERA. But When He Has To Pitch on The Road Hendricks Is 4-7 With a 4.76 ERA. Hendricks Really Needs To Find a Way To Win On The Road.

Yu Darvish: He's 4-6 With a 4.21 ERA However He Leads The Team In Strikeouts With 168. Darvish Has It Or Does Not. And With Yu Darvish It Doesn't Matter If He's Home Or Away He's 2-3 At Home And On The Road But The ERA Is Different. When Darvish Pitches At Home His ERA Is 4.73 OUCH!!!. When Darvish Pitches On The Road His ERA Is 3.75 He's The Best On The Road.

Team ERA For The Cubs.. Home 3.35 / Away 4.90

Here's My Take.. And Yes I Will Say It Again Joe Maddon Is On The Hot Seat.

The Chicago Cubs Woes On The Road Has Hurt The Cubs In a BIG WAY. Thankfully Nobody's Running Away With The National League Central. And Yes That's The Cubs Only Saving Grace At The Moment. The Cubs Lost Two Straight Road Games In Walk Off Fashion. Manager Joe Maddon Told Reporters After The Lost To The Pirates On Friday That We Suck On The Road This Season And It's Time For These Guys To Put On The Big Boy Pants.

Yes I Know The Cubs Beat The Pirates 2-0 But The Pirates Left 11 Base Runners In The Game On Saturday. But I'm Not Concerned About That. I Am More Concerned About The Future Of The Cubs. As It Stands The Cubs Are Hanging On To The 2nd Wild-Card Spot. If The Cubs Miss The Playoffs Joe Maddon's Seat Will Be Very Hot Because The Cubs Were Picked By Many In The Sports Media To Win The National League Central. But If They Miss The Playoffs All Together MARK MY WORDS AND YOU CAN GO TO THE BANK WITH THIS, CUBS MANAGER JOE MADDON WILL BE FIRED AS MANAGER OF THE CHICAGO CUBS.

Bottom Line..