Fuller's 2019 NFL Draft Big Board 2.0 - Pre-Combine

By Samuel Fuller
Feb. 21, 2019

Since mid-January, the deadline of all players to declare has come and gone, as well as the NFL playoffs and the Le'Veon Bell saga. Kyler Murray has been added, and there are some big risers (T.J. Hockenson and Andre Dillard) and big fallers (Jeffery Simmons and Deionte Thompson). This big board also correlates directly with my first official 2019 NFL Mock Draft.. The parentheses next to each player name clarifies the position change on the board compared to my Big Board 1.0.

1. Nick Bosa, Edge, Ohio State - #1 Overall (no change)

No change here. Bosa's still the best, and Arizona is still going to take him #1 overall. Might as well call it now.

2. Josh Allen, Edge, Kentucky - Top 3 Pick ( +1 )

Allen sneaks up past Quinnen Williams for the #2 spot, as there are now fewer chances of Josh Allen escaping the Top 3 than Quinnen Williams. I still have Williams going #2 to San Fran, but in reality, that pick is a toss-up between the two.

3. Quinnen Williams, DT, Alabama - Top 3 Pick ( -1 )

It's fair to say Williams is just as good as Josh Allen, but as mentioned above, he's more likely to fall to 4th or 5th than Allen. As the best D-Tackle prospect in the class, I still doubt he gets past both San Fran and New York in the Top 3.

4. Rashan Gary, DL, Michigan - Top 8 Pick ( +4 )

Gary has risen up the board, taking what used to be Ed Oliver's spot as the fourth best player and fourth best defender overall. I have him going 4th to Oakland, as many other mocks do, but he's gone as high as #2 and as low as #8. After a lackluster stat line, his stock is heavily dependent on his pre-draft preparation, including the combine.

5. Dwayne Haskins, QB, Ohio State - Top 8 Pick ( +4 )

Haskins rises from 9th to 5th, due to the fact that he's either landing to the Giants at #6 (like I predict) or a team like Jacksonville is trading into the Top 5 to steal the best gunslinger in the class.

6. Jonah Williams, T/G, Alabama - Top 15 Pick ( -1 )

I still have Williams ranked as the best offensive linemen in the class, as well as still going #5 to Tampa Bay, but other experts aren't so sure. He's not projected to be great at Left Tackle, so players like Jawaan Taylor and Andre Dillard are rising above him in certain mocks, with Williams falling as far back as #18 to Minnesota.

7. Devin White, ILB, LSU - Top 15 Pick ( +3 )

White is still undeniably the best true Linebacker in this class. Detroit (#8) and Cincinnati (#11) are his two most popular destinations, and I wouldn't be surprised to see Green Bay take him if he's still on the board at #12.

8. Clelin Ferrell, DE, Clemson - Top 15 Pick ( -2)

Ferrell is still the third-best edge rusher in the class, with his perfect 4-3 Defensive End fit at the next level as his calling card. His two most common destinations are Detroit (#8) and Carolina (#16), which also define the top and bottom of his draft range. Green Bay is looking to add an edge rusher at #12, but Ferrell isn't a great fit.

9. Ed Oliver, DT, Houston - Top 20 Pick ( -5 )

This past fall, Oliver was in most people's discussions for the #1 overall pick. Now, more and more scouts are noting his lack of size (6'2" and under 290) as a concern. The Aaron Donald 2.0 comparisons have halted for the moment, and while a couple of experts have him going as high as #5 to the Bucs, many other have him dropping back to the mid-to-late teens. For now, I still have him relatively high on my board, landing seventh to Jacksonville.

10. Jawaan Taylor, OT, Florida - Top 20 Pick ( +22 )

Taylor's stock is soaring, as many scouts are identifying him as the best Left Tackle prospect in the class. He could realistically start from either side come September, and that readiness and flexibility has him going as high as #5 to Tampa. I have Taylor going ninth to Buffalo, as do other experts, but he's still as low as Houston (23rd) in a couple other mocks.

11. Kyler Murray, QB/ATH, Oklahoma - Top 20 Pick ( n/a )

Murray caught me off-guard right before I published my Big Board 1.0 by fully committing to being an NFL Quarterback. Whether he sticks with that route or develops into a Taysom Hill-like "Weapon" for someone, he's still landing in the Top 15 on essentially every board. Is he the second-best pure Quarterback and the 11th-most talented player in this draft? Probably not, but New York (#6), Cincinnati (#11), Miami (#13) and Washington (#15) will all be seriously considering the Heisman winner come April. However, if Murray doesn't throw at the combine and doesn't wow at his Pro Day, he could rapidly plummet down the draft board.

12. Greedy Williams, CB, LSU - Mid 1st Round ( -5 )

He's still the best Cornerback (and one of the best names) on my board, but he's no longer a shoo-in for the Top 10. I have him heading to Denver at #10, but he's dropped to Philadelphia (#25) in a couple other mock drafts. There's a chance he lands as high as Detroit (#8), but I'd expect him to end up in Denver, Cincinnati (#11), or maybe even as far back as Cleveland (#17) or Pittsburgh (#20).

13. Montez Sweat, Edge, Mississippi State - Mid 1st Round ( +3 )

The biggest catalyst for Sweat's rise to 13th is his potential fit in Green Bay. About half of all mock drafts have him heading to Titletown at #12, and a good portion of the other half see him landing in Miami with the very next pick.

There's still a decent chance he drops to Pittsburgh (#20) or Baltimore (#21), due to plenty of competition with Clelin Ferrell, Brian Burns and Jachai Polite.

14. Cody Ford, RT/G, Oklahoma - Mid 1st Round ( +14 )

Ford's most popular destination is the big-men-needy Bengals at #11, but he could go as high as #9 to Buffalo. A good number of experts think he's the best run blocker in the draft, and his ability to start right away at Tackle or Guard makes him far too valuable to slip anywhere lower than Minnesota at #18.

15. Christian Wilkins, DT, Clemson - Mid 1st Round ( +4 )

Like other Defensive Tackles in the teens-to-40's range, Wilkins' stock has risen due to Jeffery Simmons' injury. Before, Wilkins' ceiling was #14 to Atlanta and most mocks had him in the early 20's, but now he could go as early as #9 to Buffalo, with more and more board showing him heading to Atlanta or Cleveland (#17).

16. T.J. Hockenson, TE, Iowa - Mid 1st Round ( +62 )

I don't think I've ever had a prospect rise over 60 spots in just over a month. Hockenson has risen from a fringe third or fourth-rounder to being the best Tight End in the class and almost never escaping the top 30 picks now. There's a decent amount of board having Hockenson land as high as #8 to Detroit, but I'm not that ambition. Tennessee (#19) is the most popular destination, which also happens to be my favorite spot for him.

17. Drew Lock, QB, Missouri - Mid 1st Round ( +11 )

Lock has leapfrogged Daniel Jones, but still sits as the third-best Quarterback in the class due to Kyler Murray's inclusion. The Josh Allen comparisons keep growing, and while my zero-trade mock draft has him landing in Washington's lap at #15, boards including trades have teams rising to 4th, 5th, 6th or 7th to take a potential franchise Quarterback. Accuracy issues are still a huge concern, but he looks the part and it's working so far for his stock. Some scouts still favor Denver taking him at #10, despite trading for Joe Flacco.

18. Jachai Polite, Edge, Florida - Mid 1st Round ( -5 )

Polite has the potential to be a disruptive pass rusher, but it's unlikely he'll ever become a full-time Defensive End or Outside Linebacker. Like many others, I have Polite heading to Seattle at #21, but there's still a decent chance he goes earlier to Green Bay (#12), Carolina (#16) or Pittsburgh (#20).

19. Daniel Jones, QB, Duke - Mid/Late 1st Round ( +10 )

Jones rose ten spots, but dropped from being the second-best QB to the fourth. He and Drew Lock are interchangeable on most boards, and there's a good chance some team trading up for a Quarterback takes him in the top 10. Otherwise, he'll head to Miami (#13), Washington (#15), New England (#32), or very early in the second round.

20. Josh Jacobs, RB, Alabama - Mid 1st/Early 2nd Round ( +25 )

Jacobs is still the best Running Back in the class, but more and more teams are viewing him as the only low-mileage, every-down back in the entire class, a profile that has him soaring into a nearly-guaranteed first-round spot. Baltimore (#22) is my destination for him, and the large majority of boards either have him in the same spot or falling to Philadelphia (#25), two teams that could use a new, young starter for their ground game.

21. Byron Murphy, CB, Washington - Mid 1st/Early 2nd Round ( -4 )

Like DeAndre Baker, Murphy has also slid down the board as the whole Cornerback class has been identified as relatively weak. on the top end. Also like Baker, a couple scouts have him landing as high as Denver (#10), but the likes of Pittsburgh, Houston, Oakland and Philadelphia in the early 20's is his current comfort zone.

22. D.K. Metcalf, WR, Ole Miss - Mid 1st/Early 2nd Round ( -2 )

Metcalf dropped back a couple spots, but is still the top ranked receiver in the draft. He's 6'3" and absolutely jacked (seriously, google it) and while Marquise Brown is the top speed option, Metcalf is the best big target option. I'm not as crazy as the handful of boards claiming he'll go #9 to Buffalo, but I doubt he escapes the first round. #22 to Baltimore is the most common spot for Metcalf right now, but Tennessee will consider him at #19 and, like other experts, I have him selected with one of Oakland's picks in the mid-20's.

23. DeAndre Baker, CB, Georgia - Mid 1st/Early 2nd Round ( -11 )

A couple months ago, Baker was the definite #2 Cornerback in the class, but the man coverage specialist has fallen to now being interchangeable with Byron Murphy for the second-best honor. A couple mocks I've seen have him landing as early as Denver (#10), but Pittsburgh (#20), Houston (#23), Oakland (#24) or Philadelphia (#25) look a lot more likely.

24. Greg Little, OT, Ole Miss - Late 1st/Early 2nd Round ( -9 )

Little's dropped from the second-best Tackle to the fourth on my board, mostly due to the rising stocks of Jawaan Taylor and Andre Dillard. Little hasn't done anything wrong, but his potentially low ceiling compared to other high-projected Tackles is scared some teams. I'd still expect Cleveland (#18), Minnesota (#18), Seattle (#21) and Houston (#23) to seriously consider taking him. If he falls past those for, there's a good chance he'll have to wait another night to hear his name.

25. Brian Burns, Edge, Florida State - Late 1st/Early 2nd Round ( -3 )

Burns' potentially good fit in Green Bay has a few scouts reaching for him at #12, but he's only the sixth-best player at his position. The depth among good edge rushers in this class hurts his odds of landing in the Top 20, but Carolina (#16), Oakland (#24, #27) and Indianapolis (#26) all likely have him decently high on their boards. He falls out of my first round mock, but he's the best player available heading into my second round. If he's still on the board at #30 and Green Bay went a different direction earlier in the night, I would expect him to be heading to Titletown. For Burns, it all depends on when the edge rushers ranked above him go.

26. Dexter Lawrence, NT, Clemson - Late 1st/Early 2nd Round ( -8 )

Lawrence could quite possibly be the third Clemson Defensive Lineman taken in this first round this year. He's the top true Nose Tackle prospect, which keeps his stock in the Top 30 after taking a tumble following his doping allegations. I'm the only one I know of with Lawrence currently mocked to the Chargers, as his current popular spots are Cleveland (#17), Tennessee (#19), Philadelphia (#25) and Kansas City (#29). There's still a decent chance he falls to the second round though, even after Jeffery Simmons' injury.

27. Andre Dillard, LT, Washington State - Late 1st/Early 2nd Round ( +44 )

Dillard is by no means the best Tackle in this class, but he is the best prototypical Left Tackle, and that carries a TON of value. More and more teams are looking at him as their next blind side project, hence why he shot 44 spots up my board in about a month's time. Cleveland (#17) and Houston (#23) are his most popular destinations, and I have him gone with the earlier of the two in my mock draft.

28. Marquise Brown, WR, Oklahoma - Late 1st/Early 2nd Round ( +1 )

Brown used to be the most popular pairing with Green Bay's slot at 30th, but it's looking more and more likely that he doesn't leave the 20's. Like Metcalf, the speedy slot option will get a lot of attention from both of Oakland's picks (#24, #27), as well as Tennessee at #19, but I have him going #26 to the Colts. If he tests well, he could leapfrog Metcalf and earn consideration as high as Washington (#15).

29. A.J. Brown, WR, Ole Miss - Late 1st/Early 2nd Round ( -2 )

Brown was the best receiver back in December, but since then he's dropped off to being somewhere in the second, third or fourth-best wideout conversation. He, D.K. Metcalf, Marquise Brown and N'Keal Harry will all likely switch places on mocks up until the draft, but for now, most of his attention is coming from Tennessee (#19), Baltimore (#22), Oakland (#24, #27) and Indianapolis (#26), but on many other mock drafts (including my own), he falls to the 30's and possibly the 40's on day two.

30. Devin Bush, LB, Michigan - Late 1st/Mid 2nd Round ( +1 )

Bush barely moved, and the handful of boards landing him in the Top 15 are long gone. On the positive side, more mocks have him landing realistically to Pittsburgh (#20), which make enough sense for me to put him in the same spot on my mock draft. If the Steelers pass, he'll need a long shot with Green Bay (#30) or one of Oakland's picks in order to shake Goodell's hand on the first night.

31. Jerry Tillery, DT, Notre Dame - Late 1st/Mid 2nd Round ( +4 )

Tillery has also benefited from Jeffery Simmons' injury-induced slide down the board, as the former second-round grade has been boosted to #30 overall. The Chargers (#28) and Chiefs (#29) are two popular destinations, as well as his two best chances at hearing his name called Thursday night. Otherwise, he's a high-value pick early on Day 2.

32. Mack Wilson, LB, Alabama - Late 1st/Mid 2nd Round ( +1 )

Questions about Wilson's size would most likely be the reason behind his stock's slight decline, but he's actually moved up a spot. He's either the second or third-best Linebacker on most people's boards, depending on how they value Devin Bush. Wilson's most popular first-round destination by far is the Chargers (#28), and aside from a handful of mocks slotting him to Green Bay (#30), he's probably an early-to-mid 2nd Round choice.

33. Deionte Thompson, FS, Alabama - Late 1st/Mid 2nd Round ( -19 )

Deionte Thompson was a borderline Top 10 pick back in December, but a rough College Football Playoff really exposed Thompson's lack of experience. Since then, he's dropped off most people's first round mocks, despite still being the top-ranked Safety. The Chiefs (#29) and the Rams (#31) are probably his two best bets at making the first round, otherwise he falls to first two-thirds of the second round.

34. Jaylon Ferguson, DE, Louisiana Tech - Late 1st/Mid 2nd Round ( +4 )

Ferguson is an absolute anomaly. News broke recently of a domestic violence allegation against him, and the NFL Combine pulled his invite. Yet, he's still risen from 38th to 34th on my board. He's the most popular pick for the Rams at #31, and a few mocks have him going even higher to Seattle (#21), Oakland (#24, #27) or Indianapolis (#26). I still view him as a second-round talent, but the NCAA Sacks leader could very well sneak into night one.

35. N'Keal Harry, WR, Arizona State - Late 1st/2nd Round ( -10 )

Harry is currently the fourth-best wideout, but the combine will likely shake up the top of this positional group. A handful of mocks have Baltimore (#22) or Indianapolis (#26) reaching slightly for the tall, acrobatic Sun Devil, but his best bet at making it into the first round is Green Bay's second pick at #30. Aside from that, he'll likely land in the 30's or 40's.

36. Noah Fant, TE, Iowa - Late 1st/2nd Round ( -15 )

The skyrocketing of college teammate T.J. Hockenson's stock has resulted in the reverse effect for Fant. There is a chance Green Bay (#30) or New England (#32) take a chance on Fant if Hockenson's off the board, but with Irv Smith Jr. close behind as the third-best Tight End, Fant will likely head to a team in the 30's or 40's, with Jacksonville (#38) currently standing as the multi-round's most popular result.

37. Kelvin Harmon, WR, North Carolina State - Late 1st/2nd Round ( -1 )

As the fifth-best receiver on my board, Harmon's odds at hearing his name Thursday night are extremely low. There are a handful of boards with Indianapolis (#26) or Oakland (#27) reaching for him, but barring a major stock boost, he'll likely fall into the 40's, 50's, and possibly even 60's.

38. Irv Smith Jr., TE, Alabama - Late 1st/2nd Round ( +12 )

T.J. Hockenson's rise hasn't impacted Smith Jr. at all; in fact, he still rose 12 spots and has a slim chance at landing in the First Round if a team like Green Bay (#30) or New England (#32) prefer him over Noah Fant. Otherwise, both teams as well as Cincinnati (#42) will be hot on Smith Jr. in the first half of Day 2.

39. Dre'Mont Jones, DT, Ohio State - Late 1st/2nd Round ( -16 )

In a very deep Defensive Line class, Jones' stock plummeted despite Jeffery Simmons' injury. There's still one board out there slotting Jones in at #17 to Cleveland, but the rest of them either picked Indy (#26, #34), the Chargers (#28) or falling into the 40's.

40. Dalton Risner, OL, Kansas State - Late 1st/2nd Round ( +2 )

Risner inches up a couple spots, and the standard deviation of where he lands has definitely grown. A good number of mocks (including my own) have Minnesota reaching for the versatile O-Lineman at #18. However, those taking the Vikings' pick in a different direction don't have Risner landing anywhere in the Top 50 picks. With a range like 18th overall to falling into the Third Round, his pre-draft process will weigh heavy on his stock.

41. Nasir Adderley, S, Delaware - Late 1st/2nd Round ( +22 )

I had Adderley as one of my biggest Day 2 sleepers before, but it looks like other people are starting to take notice of the FCS product. His stock relies significantly on a solid combine, and while a Second Round selection still looks a lot more likely, there's a slim-yet-increasing chance a playoff-caliber team like Kansas City (#29), Green Bay (#30), the Rams (#31) or the Patriots (#32) could nab him near the end of Thursday night.

42. Trayvon Mullen, CB, Clemson - Late 1st/2nd Round ( -12 )

Mullen has fluctuated from the Top 15 back in December, to a second day pick in January, and now his stock is right on the cusp of sneaking into the first round. He's the fourth-best corner in the class, so that alone limits his odds of hearing his name Thursday night, but his length and potential has him landing as high as Pittsburgh (#20) on some boards. I have him heading to the Cornerback-needy Eagles at #25, but I've seen Seattle (#21) and Oakland (#24, #27) as two other popular destinations.

43. Jeffery Simmons, DT, Mississippi State - Late 1st/2nd Round ( -32 )

Teams were willing to look away from Simmons' off-the-field concerns, but blowing out his ACL seven months before the season begins absolutely slashes his stock. Do the math, and barring a miracle recovery, the earliest he could possibly return is November. I'd be stunned if he lands in the first round, and he's much more likely to go to an already-deep team like Philadelphia (#53, #57), New England (#56, #64) or the Chargers (#60) than a team needing someone to come in and play time right away in 2019.

44. Zach Allen, DE, Boston College - 2nd Round ( -10 )

Allen shifted his stock from an edge rusher to an in-line Defensive End, which inevitably dropped him ten spots. If the Rams like him more than Jaylon Ferguson, there's a decent chance they could reach for him with the 31st pick; otherwise he'll land somewhere in the Second Round to a team looking for better interior gap pass rushers.

45. Chris Lindstrom, G, Boston College - 2nd Round ( +17 )

Lindstrom is starting to get the draft stock respect he deserves. He's a four-year starter who's ready to start right away, and I'd go as far as saying he's the most NFL-ready Guard in the whole class. His most common destinations are the Giants (#37), Buccaneers (#39), Lions (#43) and Vikings (#50), but some scouts still see his limited ceiling as worthy of damning him to the third round.

46. Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, S, Florida - 2nd/Early 3rd Round ( +28 )

I've been high on Gardner-Johnson after seeing him single-handedly pick apart Michigan's offense back in January, and other scouts are starting to pick up on the ball hawk. San Francisco (#36) and Indianapolis (#59) are the most popular second-round destinations, but I've seen him go to Tampa Bay (#39); Green Bay (#44) and Miami (#48). A good combine will secure his odds of a second round selection, rather than his currently-more-popular third-round grade.

47. Johnathan Abram, S, Mississippi State - 2nd/Early 3rd Round ( +1 )

Abram may just be an in-the-box Safety specialist at the next level, but that hasn't stopped a handful of mocks reaching for him with the Colts (#26), Raiders (#27) or Chiefs' (#29) picks late in the first. Testing well at the combine could prevent him from falling to the third round, but it would take a significant performance to push him above the second round stock range.

48. Taylor Rapp, S, Washington - Mid 2nd/3rd Round ( +1 )

Rapp jumped a spot on the board, but he's slipped from the third-best safety to the fourth or fifth, depending on how high people are on Chauncey Gardner-Johnson. Green Bay (#44), Carolina (#47) and Houston (#54, #55) are his best bets at landing in the second round, otherwise he falls to teams looking for depth and/or competition in the third.

49. Amani Oruwariye, CB, Penn State - Mid 2nd/3rd Round ( -12 )

Oruwariye has good length and solid zone and press technique, but that isn't enough to prevent the fifth-best Cornerback from sliding down the board. Denver (#41), Cincinnati (#42), Detroit (#43) and Cleveland (#49) are his earliest common destinations, otherwise he's sliding into the 50's, 60's and possibly even 70's.

50. Yodny Cajuste, LT, West Virginia - Mid 2nd/3rd Round ( -6 )

Andre Dillard has surpassed Cajuste as the top prototype Left Tackle; however, the Mountaineer hasn't dropped too far. I wouldn't expect him to land anywhere earlier than the 40's, but teams in run-heavy sets looking for Offensive Tackle help will have Cajuste high on their board during the middle portion of Friday night. Cleveland (#49) and Minnesota (#50) are decent bets if either team doesn't address the O-Line in the first round.

51. Deebo Samuel, WR, South Carolina - Mid 2nd/3rd Round ( +9 )

Samuel is currently the sixth-best receiver on my board, as many scouts agree he likely won't develop into anything more than a WR3. Still, he's an incredible route runner with plenty of post-catch ability, something some team on Friday will consider worth drafting. Washington (#46), Indianapolis (#59) and New England (#56, #64) are currently his most popular destinations.

52. Julian Love, CB, Notre Dame - Mid 2nd/3rd Round ( -5 )

Love currently sits as the sixth-best corner, and barring incredible test results at the combine, the earliest I could possibly see him landing is 41st to Denver. Otherwise, he slides to Pittsburgh (#52), Houston (#54, #55) or somewhere in the third round.

53. Parris Campbell, WR, Ohio State - Mid 2nd/3rd Round ( +19 )

Campbell's stock is rising significantly, despite still only being the seventh or eight best receiver in the class. Teams are noticing he's the best speed-first true slot option, which has him rising as early as Jacksonville (#38), Denver (#41), Detroit (#43) and Green Bay (#44). Talent-wise, he's mot a mid-second round pick, but for teams looking to fill specific holes rather than focus on the most talented players available, he may actually land in the 40's or 50's.

54. Rock Ya-Sin, CB, Temple - Mid 2nd/3rd Round ( +29 )

Rock Ya-Sin was another Day 2 sleeper of mine gaining popularity. He's long, physical and could very well be a man coverage-first starter after a couple seasons of proper development. Charles Casserley (NFL.com) is the only expert I know with him sneaking into the first round, as most other mocks have Ya-Sin slotted to Denver (#41), Pittsburgh (#52), Philadelphia (#53, #57), Kansas City (#61, #63) or somewhere in the third round.

55. Riley Ridley, WR, Georgia - Late 2nd/3rd Round ( +6 )

A few months ago, Ridley was a mid-round projection more likely to return to Georgia than go pro. Fast forward to the last week of February and Ridley's projected as early as 35th to Oakland. His best odds at going in the second round right now are Cleveland (#49), Indianapolis (#59) and New Orleans (#62), otherwise the eight-best receiver slides to somewhere in the third.

56. David Edwards, RT, Wisconsin - Late 2nd/3rd Round ( -13 )

Edwards is massive, but still fundamentally a work in progress at Right Tackle. Teams are looking for starters with their early picks, hence why Edwards slid 15 spots on my board in a little over a month. I've seen him go to Minnesota (#50) and New England (#56, #64) in the second round, otherwise he's likely headed to someone in the second half of Friday night's picks.

57. Damien Harris, RB, Alabama - Late 2nd/3rd Round ( -16 )

Harris is still the second-best Running Back behind his college backup Josh Jacobs, but more and more teams are waiting until the middle rounds to take Running Backs after seeing the successes of Kareem Hunt, David Johnson, Jordan Howard and more. Tampa Bay (#39) is probably his earliest potential destination, otherwise he's landing in the 50's, 60's or possibly even later.

58. J.J. Arcega-Whiteside, WR, Stanford - Late 2nd/3rd Round ( -7 )

Arcega-Whiteside may not have the height of Hakeem Butler, but he's as proven of a vertical deep threat as anyone. I've seen him go as high as #34 to Indianapolis, but he'll likely land to a team wanting to add a red zone target over a speedster in the 50's, 60's or 70's.

59. Erik McCoy, G/C, Texas A&M - Late 2nd/3rd Round ( +17 )

Some boards don't even have McCoy in their Top 100, but the ones that do have the versatile interior O-Lineman slotted as high as Buffalo (#40), Carolina (#47), Minnesota (#50) or Tennessee (#51). He's probably a third round talent, and right now looks more likely to hear his name in the latter round Friday night, but his versatility is what led to a 17-spot rise and increased odds at a Top 60 selection.

60. Gerald Willis, DT, Miami - Late 2nd/3rd Round ( -7 )

Willis' natural skills aren't being questioned, but his lack of NFL readiness is certainly crippling his chances of landing in the Top 50. Todd McShay has New England taking Willis at #32 to round out his most recent first-round mock, but I haven't seen anyone else rank him earlier than the 60's. As the tenth-best D-Lineman currently, the need for Willis any earlier won't ever manifest.


61. Elgton Jenkins, C, Mississippi State ( -7 )

62. Oshane Ximines, Edge, Old Dominion ( -23 )

63. Joe Jackson, Edge, Miami ( +6 )

64. Hakeem Butler, WR, Iowa State ( -12 )

65. Joejuan Williams, CB, Vanderbilt ( +22 )

66. Isaiah Buggs, DL, Alabama ( +13 )

67. Charles Omenihu, DE, Texas ( +19 )

68. Kaleb McGary, OT, Washington ( +7 )

69. Will Grier, QB, West Virginia ( -29 )

70. Garrett Bradbury, C, North Carolina State ( +10 )

71. Tytus Howard, OT, Jacksonville State (NR)

72. Vosean Joseph, LB, Florida ( +9 )

73. Chase Winovich, Edge, Michigan ( -8 )

74. Tre Lamar, ILB, Clemson ( +3 )

75. David Montgomery, RB, Iowa State ( -17 )

76. Kaden Smith, TE, Stanford ( -10 )

77. Juan Thornhill, DB, Virginia ( -21 )

78. Devin Singletary, RB, Florida Atlantic ( +7 )

79. Lonnie Johnson, CB, Kentucky ( +17 )

80. D'Andre Walker, OLB, Georgia ( +8 )

81. Michael Deiter, G, Wisconsin ( -22 )

82. Germaine Pratt, ILB, North Carolina State ( -15 )

83. Michael Jordan, G/C, Ohio State ( +6 )

84. Amani Hooker, SS/LB, Iowa

85. Jace Sternberger, TE, Texas A&M

86. Clayton Thorson, QB, Northwestern ( +8 )

87. Ryan Finley, QB, North Carolina State ( +4 )

88. Connor McGovern, G/C, Penn State ( +7 )

89. Benny Snell, RB, Kentucky ( +8 )

90. Darrell Henderson, RB, Memphis ( NR )

91. Khalen Saunders, DT, Northern Illinois ( -21 )

92. Justice Hill, RB, Oklahoma State ( -24 )

93. Austin Bryant, DE, Clemson ( NR )

94. Max Scharping, RT/G, Northern Illinois ( NR )

95. Beau Benzschawal, G, Wisconsin ( +5 )

96. Mecole Hardman, WR, Georgia ( NR )

97. Jamel Dean, CB, Auburn ( NR )

98. Anthony Nelson, DE, Iowa ( -16 )

99. Te'Von Coney, ILB, Notre Dame ( -44 )

100. Carl Granderson, Edge, Wyoming ( -16 )

Dropped out of Top 100:

Kris Boyd, CB, Texas (46th -> 128th); Caleb Wilson, TE, UCLA ( 90th -> 102nd); Jalen Jelks, Edge, Oregon (92nd -> 115th); Jarrett Stidham, QB, Auburn (93rd -> 106th); Anthony Johnson, WR, Buffalo (98th -> 111th); and Ross Pierschbacher, C/G, Alabama (99th -> 120th)

Biggest Risers:

TE T.J. Hockenson (+62); OT Tytus Howard (+31); CB Rock Ya-Sin (+29); DB Chauncey Gardner-Johnson (+28) and RB Josh Jacobs (+25)

Biggest Fallers:

CB Kris Boyd (-82); ILB Te'Von Coney (-44); DT Jeffery Simmons (-32); QB Will Grier (-29); and RB Justice Hill (-24)