Fuller's 2019 NFL Draft Big Board 3.0

By Samuel Fuller
Mar. 20, 2019

1. Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma - Top 3 Pick ( +10 )

Remember when I said "lock it up now" about Nick Bosa going #1 overall to Arizona? Well, it looks like I can already eat my words a month later. Murray didn't perform at the combine, but had an impeccable pro day and things went well when meeting the Cardinals' brass over the past week. Barring another significant change (Like trading the top pick?), another Heisman-winning gunslinger from Oklahoma will be the top pick in the draft.

Current projection: #1 - Arizona Cardinals

2. Nick Bosa, DE, Ohio State - Top 3 Pick ( -1 )

While I still believe Bosa is the best prospect in this class, and he tested better than his Pro Bowl brother at the combine, he's no longer the top candidate for #1 overall. San Francisco's 4-3 defense would be a good fit at #2, and he met with 49ers executives after his pro day this past week, but they did just trade for Dee Ford and gave him a HUGE payday. I wouldn't expect him to fall past the Jets at #3, who would dream to get an edge rusher like Bosa at #3.

Current projection: #3 - New York Jets

3. Josh Allen, Edge, Kentucky - Top 4 Pick ( -1 )

Talent-wise, Allen is still my second-highest prospect, but the Kyler Murray situation still bumps him down a spot. If Nick Bosa is off the board for the Jets at #3, Allen has a very good chance of landing third overall. Otherwise, Jon Gruden would love to bring Allen to Oakland at #4, and there's no way he's slipping past Tampa and their poor pass defense at #5.

Current projection: #4 - Oakland Raiders

4. Quinnen Williams, DT, Alabama - Top 5 Pick ( -1 )

Williams had a solid combine, but like Bosa and Allen above him, the emergence of Murray as the top prospect has knocked him down a spot. Unlike Allen, Quinnen could land at #2 overall to San Francisco. GM John Lynch let DT Earl Mitchell walk, and Williams fills a bigger need than any edge rusher in this class. However, if Bosa lands where his talent demonstrates, Williams will here his name called somewhere between the Jets (#3) and the Jaguars (#7).

My projection: #2 - San Francisco 49ers

5. Dwayne Haskins, QB, Ohio State - Top 10 Pick ( same )

Most people aren't buying the rumor that the Giants aren't interested in Haskins at #6, and the recent report of Dave Gettleman & Co. taking him to dinner after his pro day further confirms the scrutiny. I've seen a handful of mocks with Haskins sliding down to Denver (#10), Miami (#13) or Washington (#15), but I'd bet QB-needy teams like the three just mentioned would trade up to get who appears to be the most complete passing prospect. It is the draft, after all.

Current projection: #6 - New York Giants

6. Montez Sweat, Edge, Mississippi State - Top 12 Pick ( +7 )

Sweat separated himself from a crowded edge rushing class behind Nick Bosa and Josh Allen by running a jaw-dropping 4.41 40-yard dash, the fastest EVER by an edge rusher. Combine that with his measurables (6'6", 260 lb) and you see why he's now in the conversation as early as Tampa at #5. A pre-existing heart condition was discovered, but every scout I know says teams are confident he'd pass a physical, so it shouldn't affect his stock moving forward. Depending on if teams trade up to take a Quarterback, I wouldn't expect him to fall much further than Detroit at 8th overall.

Current projection: #8 - Detroit Lions

7. Devin White, ILB, LSU - Top 12 Pick ( same )

White ran an astonishing 4.42 40-yard dash, the fastest of all inside Linebackers. Like Montez Sweat above him, White could be taken as early as Tampa Bay at #5, especially after Kwon Alexander signed elsewhere. Detroit (#8) and Denver (#10) should have him high on their boards, and I'd be stunned if he falls beyond Cincinnati at #11.

Current projection: #5 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

8. Rashan Gary, DE, Michigan - Top 12 Pick ( -4 )

Gary had a formidable combine, having the best 40-yard dash, Vertical Jump and 20-yard cone drill times out of all defensive linemen. Still, his stock slid four spots and is looking less and less likely to land among the top four picks. There's still a chance Tampa takes a flyer on Gary at #5, but it looks more likely that he slides to the Giants (#6), Jaguars (#7), Lions (#8), and possibly as far down as Cincinnati (#11).

Current projection: #7 - Jacksonville Jaguars

9. Jawaan Taylor, OT, Florida - Top 12 Pick ( +1 )

Taylor solidified his case as the best Tackle in the class with incredible arm measurables (35.125" arm length, 84.75" wingspan). Most importantly, he remains a Left Tackle option while fellow top O-Lineman Jonah Williams looked more deserving of a move inside. Jacksonville (#7) and Buffalo (#9) are his two most likely landing spots, but I could see him heading to Denver (#10), Cincinnati (#11) or Green Bay (#12) if he slides past the single digits.

Current projection: #9 - Buffalo Bills

10. T.J. Hockenson, TE, Iowa - Top 20 Pick ( +6 )

While teammate Noah Fant may have posted slightly better speed numbers, Hockenson demonstrated so much natural ability in both receiving and blocking in all of his drills at the combine. He could realistically go as early as Jacksonville (#7), and Detroit (#8), Denver (#10) and Green Bay (#12) all should have him very high on their boards, especially with the Packers covering their more pressing needs in free agency.

Current projection: #12 - Green Bay Packers

11. Jonah Williams, T/G, Alabama - Mid 1st Round ( -5 )

Williams' measurables and testing at the combine made him look much better suited for Guard. He showed enough to demonstrate starting potential, which is why he didn't drop too far, but he's not a franchise Tackle like we once believed. I doubt he'll go as high as a couple mock drafts have him (#7), as he looks much more likely to land in Green Bay (#12), Miami (#13), Atlanta (#14), Washington (#15), and possibly as far back as Minnesota (#18). I highly doubt he slides past the Vikings, though.

Current projection: #13 - Miami Dolphins

12. Ed Oliver, DT, Houston - Mid 1st Round ( -3 )

Oliver had a really good combine, squashing most of the size concerns and demonstrating improved rushing technique in drills. While he solidified his odds of not falling past the teams, he's also not in anyone's Top 8 anymore. Buffalo (#9), Cincinnati (#11), Green Bay (#12) and Atlanta (#14) are his top landing spots, and unless these teams fill other needs or prefer Christian Wilkins over Oliver, I wouldn't expect him to reach the latter half of the teens.

Current projection: #14 - Atlanta Falcons

13. Drew Lock, QB, Missouri - Mid 1st Round ( +4 )

Lock and Daniel Jones have been battling for the third-best Quarterback spot since February, and the combine showed Lock's superior arm strength and NFL readiness. He'll take the Josh Allen comparisons all day, and Denver should still be considering him at #10. If he doesn't head to Colorado, Miami (#13), Washington (#15) and the Giants (#17) will all debate taking their next shot at a franchise Quarterback. There's a slight chance he falls into the 20's, but too many teams need long-term options at Quarterback, so I'd be surprised.

Current projection: #10 - Denver Broncos

14. D.K. Metcalf, WR, Ole Miss - Mid 1st Round ( +8 )

Metcalf was the most outstanding performer at the combine, with elite numbers in wingspan (83"), 40-yard dash (4.33) Bench (27), Vertical Jump (40.5") and Broad Jump (134"). He's an absolute physical freak, testing at 1.9% body fat with a body "like a Batman suit." While some scouts immediately put him in the Top 10, others were quick to point out his stiffness and worrisome lack of agility. It's quick possible he's too muscular, as he looks more like a bodybuilder than a wideout. Still, he's the best receiver in the class and definitely boosted his stock, as #9 to Buffalo is becoming an increasingly popular pick. A couple pundits have him earlier to Jacksonville (#7), but most others have him right somewhere in the teens if not to the Bills.

Current projection: #15 - Washington

15. Clelin Ferrell, DE, Clemson - Mid 1st Round ( -7 )

While Montez Sweat and Brian Burns shined in the edge rusher group, Ferrell looked complacent in drills and didn't earn a top three spot in any of the tests. It looks unlikely he'll land in the Top 10 anymore, but #16 to Carolina still looks like a dream fit. Miami (#13) and Tennessee (#19) should also have Ferrell high on their boards.

Current projection: #16 - Carolina Panthers

16. Christian Wilkins, DT, Clemson - Mid 1st Round ( -1 )

Wilkins' combine performance was good enough to pretty much hold his stock, and Atlanta at #14 is definitely still his most popular destination. Tennessee (#19), Seattle (#21), Philadelphia (#25) and Indianapolis (#26) will all look to potentially snag him if he slips.

Current projection: #21 - Seattle Seahawks

17. Andre Dillard, LT, Washington State - Mid 1st Round ( +10 )

Dillard had the fastest 40-yard dash, three-cone and 20-yard drill times out of all Tackles. His pass blocking reps were flawless as expected, and now Dillard's positioned as the standalone top prototypical Left Tackle. He's landed as early as #9 to Buffalo on some boards, but Minnesota (#18) and Houston (#23) are more probable destinations.

Current projection: #23 - Houston Texans

18. Brian Burns, Edge, Florida State - Mid 1st Round ( +7 )

Weight was a major concern for Burns, but he weighed in at 249 and ran an incredible 4.53 40-yard dash for that size. One scout called him a "dream 3-4 Outside Linebacker." The earliest I see Burns landing is to Miami at #13, and with a relatively crowded top end of the edge rusher class, he could slide into the late 20's.

Current projection: #17 - New York Giants

19. Byron Murphy, CB, Washington - Mid 1st/Early 2nd Round ( +2 )

Murphy added much-needed weight since the College Football Playoff, and in turn has passed Greedy Williams for the top Cornerback honor. A couple mocks still have him as high as #10 to Denver, but Pittsburgh (#20), Oakland (#24) and Philadelphia (#25) seem like much more likely landing spots.

Current projection: #20 - Pittsburgh Steelers

20. Devin Bush, LB, Michigan - Mid 1st/Early 2nd Round ( +10 )

Bush's stock soared when he ran a 4.43 40-yard dash and a linebacker-best 40.5" Vertical Jump, demonstrated his infamous athleticism. His stock is decently reliant on the only Inside Linebacker above him - Devin White. If White's off the board for Denver (#10), Cincinnati (#11), Green Bay (#12) or Minnesota (#18), then there's a good chance he'll hear his name called in the teens. Otherwise, he's most likely heading to Pittsburgh at #20.

Current projection: #11 - Cincinnati Bengals

21. Greedy Williams, CB, LSU - Mid 1st/Early 2nd Round ( -9 )

Greedy's no longer the top Cornerback, but there's still a pretty good chance he hears his name Thursday night. One scout's description at the combine nailed it perfectly: "Raw in some technical ways, but all-around a gifted prospect with many first round attributes." He's a solid option for secondary-needy teams in the teens and twenties of the first round, but if teams like Pittsburgh (#20), Oakland (#24, #27) and Philadelphia (#25) decide to go other direction, there's a chance he slips to very early Friday night.

Current projection: #24 - Philadelphia Eagles

22. Noah Fant, TE, Iowa - Mid 1st/Early 2nd Round ( +14 )

Fant's 4.5 40-yard dash, 39.5" Vertical Jump and 127" Broad Jump proved what we knew about him: he's athletic as hell. Catching drills looked effortless, and for a receiving specialist, he looked natural at the point of attack in blocking drills. I'm not sure there's a realistic scenario where he's taken above teammate T.J. Hockenson, but if the #1 Tight End goes in the Top 10 like he could, teams like Green Bay (#12), Tennessee (#19) and Seattle (#21) would seriously consider taking the Iowa stud.

Current projection: #19 - Tennessee Titans

23. Cody Ford, G/RT, Oklahoma - Mid 1st/Early 2nd Round ( -9 )

Ford only had 19 Bench Reps and a poor 8.27 3-cone drill time, rounding out an underwhelming combine appearance. Still, he's the top interior offensive line prospect if he moves inside full-time (assuming Jonah Williams is going to try and remain a Tackle at the next level). Minnesota (#18), Houston (#23), Oakland (#24, #27) and Green Bay (#30) are Ford's best chances at landing in the first round; otherwise, he's a high-value option right away Friday night.

Current projection: #18 - Minnesota Vikings

24. Josh Jacobs, RB, Alabama - Mid 1st/Early 2nd Round ( -4 )

Mixed reports are coming in from Jacobs' pro day, which was especially important given he didn't perform at the combine. The 4.63 40-yard time was somewhat expected, as he's a power back, but some scouts chalked him up as dropping to the second round just based on his other drills. Even if he slides into the second round, which I personally don't see happening, he's the only starter-potential, every-down back in this class, a very valuable distinction. Baltimore may have solved their Running Back need, but Oakland (#24) and Philadelphia (#25) will both have Jacobs extremely high on their list. I don't see him sliding past a Kareem Hunt-less Kansas City offense at #29.

Current projection: #24 - Oakland Raiders

25. Marquise Brown, WR, Oklahoma - Mid 1st/Early 2nd Round ( +3 )

Brown measured in undersized (5'9.5", 166 lb., 71.75" wingspan) and didn't run due to a foot injury, but he's been clocked at a 4.33 40-yard time before and teams are looking for playmakers. Despite durability concerns, he's still the second-highest rated wideout, landing as high as Washington (#15) on some boards. I don't think he gets past the 30's, but I also don't see him landing earlier than Tennessee at #19. Teams like Baltimore (#22), Philadelphia (#25), Oakland (#24, #27), Kansas City (#29) and Green Bay (#30) all probably have Brown relatively high on their board.

Current projection: #22 - Baltimore Ravens

26. DeAndre Baker, CB, Georgia - Mid 1st/Early 2nd Round ( -3 )

Baker remains the third best Cornerback in this class, although it's getting increasingly harder to see him landing in the Top 20. Unless an earlier team really prefers him over Greedy Williams or Byron Murphy, I'd expect Pittsburgh (#20), Philadelphia (#25), Indianapolis (#26) and Kansas City (#29) to give him a hard look. Otherwise, it's early on Day 2 for Baker.

Current projection: #27 - Oakland Raiders

27. Dexter Lawrence, NT, Clemson - Late 1st/Early 2nd Round ( -1 )

We all know Lawrence is massive, but I wasn't expecting him to weigh in at 342 pounds, have the longest arms (34.75") and lead everyone in bench reps (36). He's an absolute gap-plugger who will intrigue teams in the 20's and 30's like the Eagles (#25), Colts (#26), Chargers (#28), Chiefs (#29) and a handful early on Day 2.

Current projection: #26 - Indianapolis Colts

28. Daniel Jones, QB, Duke - Late 1st/Early 2nd Round ( -9 )

Jones flashed arm talent at the combine, but didn't look any better than the three Quarterbacks ahead of him. If teams like Miami (#13), Washington (#15) or the Giants (#17) strongly prefer him over Drew Lock, I could see him landing in the teens. Otherwise, his best bet is with the Patriots (#32) or a QB-needy team later in the 30's.

Current projection: #32 - New England Patriots

29. A.J. Brown, WR, Ole Miss - Late 1st/Mid 2nd Round ( same )

Brown is still the third-highest rated wideout in the class, and his stock didn't move either. There's still a chance Baltimore (#22), Indianapolis (#26) or Green Bay (#30) take him in the first round, but his draft stock comfort zone is the later 30's on Day 2.

Current projection: #30 - Green Bay Packers

30. Garrett Bradbury, C, North Carolina State - Late 1st/Mid 2nd Round ( +40 )

Bradbury's incredible combine boosted his stock a whole forty spots. He led all centers in bench reps (34), 40-yard dash (4.92), and all interior lineman in 3-cone time (7.41) and 20-yard splits (4.53). Suddenly, the second or third round projection is now in talks as early as Carolina (#16), Minnesota (#18) and Tennessee (#19). For me, his best fit (and most likely landing spot) is #31 to the Rams, who let veteran John Sullivan walk this offseason.

Current projection: #31 - Los Angeles Rams

31. Greg Little, OT, Ole Miss - Late 1st/Mid 2nd Round ( -7 )

While Little measured in long and strong, his combine (aside from good footwork) was all-around disappointing. He looked stiff, didn't demonstrate power and lacked any explosiveness in drills. This has led to Andre Dillard taking Little's spot as the draft's third-best Tackle, and consequently his stock is sliding quicker and quicker into the 30's and 40's, compared to a late selection Thursday night.

Current projection: #37 - New York Giants

32. Jerry Tillery, DT, Notre Dame - Late 1st/2nd Round ( -1 )

Tillery measured in at a massive 6'6.5" at the combine, and paired it with great agility testing numbers. He's demonstrated his multi-gap versatility throughout his pre-draft workouts, and in turn is protecting his odds at landing late in the first round. The Chargers (#28), Chiefs (#29), Rams (#31) and Patriots (#32) are all taking a long look at Tillery, and he's a solid second-round option if those four go a different direction. How far Christian Wilkins and Dexter Lawrence slide before him is a major factor in where Tillery lands.

Current projection: #28 - Los Angeles Chargers

33. N'Keal Harry, WR, Arizona State - Late 1st/2nd Round ( +2 )

D.K. Metcalf might have stole the show from the rest of the receivers, but Harry actually benched the same amount of reps (27) as "the human Batsuit." Teams late in the first round are probably paying a little closer attention to the Sun Devil. However, this is a very crowded receiver field, and if teams are looking more for slot options like Parris Campbell or A.J. Brown, Harry could slide into the 40's and possibly the 50's.

Current projection: #33 - Arizona Cardinals

34. Nasir Adderley, S, Delaware - Late 1st/2nd Round ( +7 )

Adderley didn't perform at the combine, but his stock still went up as more and more scouts are finally getting around to watching the Delaware product. He and Taylor Rapp are currently neck and neck for the title of highest-rated Safety in the class, and Adderley currently has a two-spot advantage. This may not seem like much, but it could easily be the difference between getting a call from the Chargers (#29), Chiefs (#29) or Packers (#30) on Thursday night and sliding down into the early or middle part of Day 2.

Current projection: #29 - Kansas City Chiefs

35. Mack Wilson, LB, Alabama - Late 1st/2nd Round ( -3 )

Wilson didn't have a horrible combine, but he didn't participate in most of the drills and performed complacently in the ones he chose to do. As a result, his stock slid a few spots, but he's still a sneaky option late in the first round for teams like the Changers (#28), Packers (#30) and Rams (#31). There are enough teams looking for Inside Linebacker depth to assure he gets taken before the 50's roll around.

Current projection: #43 - Detroit Lions

36. Taylor Rapp, S, Washington - Late 1st/2nd Round ( +12 )

Rapp led all Safeties in 20-yard splits (3.99) and looked like a do-it-all combo Safety in coverage drills. He also demonstrated improved ball skills, which combined led to a significant rise into what could be as high as the 21st overall selection by in-city Seattle. Like Nasir Adderley, teams like the Chargers (#28), Chiefs (#29) and Packers (#30) will all have him pretty high on their board late on night one, and plenty of teams in the 30's and 40's will be interested in the Washington man as well. I'd be stunned if he slides past Green Bay at #44.

Current projection: #34 - Indianapolis Colts

37. Irv Smith Jr., TE, Alabama - Late 1st/2nd Round ( +1 )

Smith would have much better odds of landing in the first round if he didn't have two impeccable Tight End prospects ahead of him in T.J. Hockenson and Noah Fant. Still, I've seen Smith go as high as 19th to Tennessee. I'm not sure three Tight Ends in the first round is realistic, but Green Bay (#30) could pull the trigger if they don't take Hockenson at #12. Otherwise, he should be one of the first players considered by teams in the 30's and 40's.

Current projection: #38 - Jacksonville Jaguars

38. Jachai Polite, Edge, Florida - Late 1st/2nd Round ( -20 )

Polite didn't perform in half the drills, tested with short arms and apparently was a major douche in interviews with multiple teams. Combine interviews don't weight significantly in the minds of executives come April, but news spreads fast when you act like a total tool. As a result, he slid 20 spots and it now looks extremely unlikely he lands in the first round. Still, he's a proven pass rusher (despite being a one-year wonder) and teams in the 30's, 40's and 50's will certainly have him on the top end of their Day 2 board.

Current projection: #39 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

39. Jaylon Ferguson, DE, Louisiana Tech - 2nd Round ( -5 )

Ferguson got his combine invite revoked after "past issues involving violence" were discovered. Naturally, his stock slid a bit, but he was still allowed to interview at the combine and had a solid pro day this past week, so he'll still be in consideration as early as #31 to the Rams. I'd expect him to land somewhere in the 30's or 40's to a team looking for a pass rushing specialist 4-3 Defensive End.

Current projection: #41 - Denver Broncos

40. Dalton Risner, OL, Kansas State - 2nd Round ( same )

Risner ran the second-fastest 20-yard split and spoke well, protecting his status as a second round grade. Green Bay (#30) might be a wild card chance of landing in the first round, but I expect his probably range to sit around the middle of the second round, quite possibly to the Packers at #44.

Current projection: #42 - Cincinnati Bengals

41. Jeffery Simmons, DT, Mississippi State - 2nd Round ( +2 )

Simmons obviously didn't perform with a torn ACL, but he was still allowed to interview at the combine and his stock actually rose two points. New England has interest in him at #32, especially with Trey Flowers and Danny Shelton gone, and I wouldn't expect to see him slide past the Patriots' earlier second round selection at #56.

Current projection: #56 - New England Patriots

42. Parris Campbell, WR, Ohio State - 2nd Round ( +11 )

Campbell ran a stunning 4.31 40-yard dash, tied for the fastest among all skill position players. Pair that with a flawless gauntlet drill, and Campbell established himself as the fifth-best receiver in the class and the second-best true slot option behind Marquise Brown. Every team could use a speedy slot playmaker like Campbell, and some mocks have him landing as early as #22 to Baltimore. I don't see five receivers going in the first round, so I expect him to land somewhere in the 30's or early 40's. I'd expect to see his stock continue to rise before the end of April.

Current projection: #36 - San Francisco 49ers

43. Chris Lindstrom, G, Boston College - 2nd Round ( +2 )

Lindstrom demonstrated his incredible blocking technique throughout all his drills at the combine, and his athletic testing actually was better than expected. I honestly don't know why he's still only 43rd overall, has he's a plug-and-play starter with no red flags and consistent form in both pass and run blocking. Every NFL team is looking for stability and consistency on the O-lines, and Lindstrom provides exactly that. If Minnesota really likes him, there's a wild chance he lands at 18th overall; otherwise he's most likely an early-to-mid second round selection.

Current projection: #44 - Green Bay Packers

44. Rock Ya-Sin, CB, Temple - 2nd Round ( +10 )

To use one scout's quote, Ya-Sin didn't "light the world ablaze with his workout", but "didn't do his stock any harm." a 4.51 40-yard dash for a long 6'1" Cornerback is very good, and his rising ten spots on my big board is a direct result. He and Trayvon Mullen will fight for the fourth-best Cornerback spot until the end of April, and there's still a chance a team in the 20's or 30's prefer his build over a smaller, higher-rated Cornerback. I wouldn't expect to see him slide past the 50's.

Current projection: #45 - Atlanta Falcons

45. Dre'Mont Jones, DT, Ohio State - 2nd Round ( -6 )

Jones looked good in all his on-field drills at both the combine and his pro day, but this Defensive Line class is just ridiculously stacked. He's currently the eighth-best D-Line prospect on my board, so I wouldn't expect him to go any earlier than the late 30's. Still, he's a solid value for teams searching for multi-gap D-Tackles or versatile 3-4 Defensive Ends on Day 2.

Current projection: #51 - Tennessee Titans

46. Hakeem Butler, WR, Iowa State - 2nd Round ( +18 )

Out of all Top 20 receivers, Butler is the tallest, has the biggest hands, longest arms and longest wingspan. Pair his 6'5.5" frame with a 4.48 40-yard time and he's a deadly match-up against NFL corners. Some scouts say he could sneak into the first round, but with how deep this receiver class is (Butler is WR #6 on my board right now), I'd say his safe range is early on Day 2.

Current projection: #40 - Buffalo Bills

47. Johnathan Abram, S, Mississippi State - 2nd Round ( same )

Abram is in a crowded top of the safety group, as he's within 13 spots of four different prospects. His strong suit is in-the-box play, and Matt Miller named him the hardest hitter of the class, so teams in the 30's and 40's looking for a bruiser in press coverage and run support will have Abram very high on their boards. Keep an eye of Safety-needy teams like the Chargers (#28), Chiefs (#29), Packers (#30, #44), Cardinals (#33), Colts (#34), Raiders (#35), 49ers (#36) and Lions (#43).

Current projection: #35 - Oakland Raiders

48. Trayvon Mullen, CB, Clemson - 2nd/Early 3rd Round ( -6 )

Mullen didn't necessary have a bad combine, but Rock Ya-Sin leapfrogged him to be the fourth-best corner in the class. He no longer looks like a first-round possibility, but measuring in at 6'1.5" and running a 4.46 40-yard dash should solidify his case at not sliding past the 60's.

Current projection: #49 - Cleveland Browns

49. Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, DB, Florida - 2nd/Early 3rd Round ( -3 )

Gardner-Johnson is the best nickel back in the class, but that's a very niche sub-package position. He's a ball hawk and I absolutely love his tape, plus his experience at both Safety and Cornerback is valuable at the next level. He's currently fourth in the crowded Top 5 Safeties pack, with only Deionte Thompson behind him. He has all the tools to be a Top 50 pick, but draft needs and positional competition may push him into the middle of Day 2.

Current projection: #50 - Minnesota Vikings

50. Kelvin Harmon, WR, North Carolina State - 2nd/Early 3rd Round ( -13 )

Harmon's 4.6 40-yard time drew immediate scrutiny, and he had one of the worst Broad Jumps among receivers despite being 6'2.5". While Parris Campbell and Hakeem Butler rose up the receiving class board, Harmon slipped from fifth to seventh, essentially damning his odds of being taken any earlier than the late 30's. With how deep this receiving class is, even behind Harmon, I wouldn't be shocked if he fell as far down as the 60's.

Current projection: #48 - Miami Dolphins

51. Deionte Thompson, FS, Alabama - Mid 2nd/3rd Round ( -18 )

Thompson has to be better than the 51st prospect, right? Well, he's a single-high only Safety who underwhelmed at his pro day, didn't perform at the combine and struggled significantly during the College Football Playoff, essentially getting picked apart by a true freshman Quarterback in Clemson's Trevor Lawrence. Indianapolis (#34), Oakland (#35), Detroit (#43) and Green Bay (#44) are most likely his earliest landing spots, with a solid possibility of slipping to the third round.

Current projection: #65 - Arizona Cardinals

52. Amani Oruwariye, CB, Penn State - Mid 2nd/3rd Round ( -3 )

Like many other players in the 50's range, Oruwariye's stock is mostly inconvenienced by the level of competition. He's a decent second round talent who had an okay combine, but as the sixth-ranked corner in a relatively weak class, I wouldn't expect him to be taken any earlier than the 40's. That being said, he's a safe coverage option who shouldn't drop past the 60's.

Current projection: #54 - Houston Texans

53. Zach Allen, DE, Boston College - Mid 2nd/3rd Round ( -9 )

I actually think Allen is a bit of a sleeper pick, especially now that many scouts have cooled off on the Boston College D-Lineman. He's a multi-gap blitzer that's usable in a 3-4, 4-3 or some other wack defensive package. With good agility numbers at the combine, I still think Allen has a shot at getting picked by the Rams at #31, but his realistic range is the 30's through the 50's.

Current projection: #57 - Philadelphia Eagles

54. Deebo Samuel, WR, South Carolina - Mid 2nd/3rd Round ( -3 )

Samuel's 4.48 40-yard time didn't drop his stock, but Parris Campbell and Hakeem Butler's outstanding combines still bump him down three spots. His impeccable route running, ball skills and post-catch ability should be enough to be taken before the 70's, despite his questionable ceiling as a potential WR3 at best.

Current projection: #55 - Houston Texans

55. Julian Love, CB, Notre Dame - Mid 2nd/3rd Round ( -3 )

Love's case is the exact same as Amani Oruwariye - didn't have a bad combine, but other players had a much better one, thus he drops three spots as well. A few scouts said Julian Love was the top corner in on-field drills, so that should keep his stock before the 70's as well.

Current projection: #67 - San Francisco 49ers

56. Erik McCoy, G/C, Texas A&M - Mid 2nd/3rd Round ( +3 )

McCoy's 4.89 40-yard time is the best by an interior O-lineman in a very long time, and his stock likely jumped a few spots on that alone. However, he still drops behind Garrett Bradbury as the second-best option for Center-needy teams, and being the fifth-best interior lineman overall won't get you drafted much earlier than the late 40's. Atlanta (#45) is probably his stock ceiling right now, and given his positional ranking, he could drop into the later parts of Friday night.

Current projection: #47 - Carolina Panthers

57. Charles Omenihu, DE, Texas - Late 2nd/3rd Round ( +10 )

Out of all edge rushers at the combine, Omenihu had the longest arm length and wingspan. His 4.92 40-yard time drew some concern, but the rest of his athletic testing saved his stock. Given Chase Winovich's thumb surgery and size questions, Omenihu should remain the eighth-best edge rushing option, barring a wider ranger from the 40's to the 80's.

Current projection: #46 - Washington

58. Yodny Cajuste, LT, West Virginia - Late 2nd/3rd Round ( -8 )

Unlike other Tackles in the Day 2 range, Cajuste is an NFL-ready Left Tackle option. His 32 bench reps confirmed his strength, but him not performing the speed or agility drills draws more attention to West Virginia's pro day. I wouldn't expect him to go as high as #33 to Arizona like a couple scouts do, but teams like Carolina (#47) and Miami (#48) could have him land in the Top 50. As the sixth-best Tackle, I wouldn't be shocked to see him slide into the 80's or 90's come April.

Current projection: #60 - Los Angeles Chargers

59. Kaleb McGary, T, Washington - Late 2nd/3rd Round ( +9 )

One scout described McGary as having "a game-ready body with ideal physical tools for edge blocking." His combine testing wasn't that impressive, but he must have done enough in on-field drills and team interviews to boost his stock. Given the fact he's only the seventh-best Tackle, I wouldn't expect him to land any earlier than 40's, let alone the 50's, but I also wouldn't expect him to slide past in-state Seattle at #84.

Current projection: #69 - Jacksonville Jaguars

60. Elgton Jenkins, C, Mississippi State - Late 2nd/3rd Round ( +1 )

Like Erik McCoy, Jenkins actually had a decent combine; he just wasn't as outstanding as Garrett Bradbury. He had a stellar pad session and demonstrated fluidity throughout all his drills, not to mention a solid wingspan (83"). Tennessee (#51) seems to be his earliest probably landing spot, and plenty of teams in the 60's, 70's and 80's will have Jenkins pretty high on their board.

Current projection: #58 - Dallas Cowboys


61. Damien Harris, RB, Alabama ( -4 )

62. Juan Thornhill, DB, Virginia ( +15 )

63. J.J. Arcega-Whiteside, WR, Stanford ( -5 )

64. Chase Winovich, Edge, Michigan ( +9 )

65. David Montgomery, RB, Iowa State ( +10 )

66. Justin Layne, CB, Michigan State ( +62 )

67. Riley Ridley, WR, Georgia ( -12 )

68. Devin Singletary, RB, Florida Atlantic ( +10 )

69. Joe Jackson, Edge, Miami ( -6 )

70. Jace Sternberger, TE, Texas A&M ( +15 )

71. Germaine Pratt, ILB, North Carolina State ( +11 )

72. David Edwards, RT, Wisconsin ( -16 )

73. Tytus Howard, T, Alabama State ( -2 )

74. Oshane Ximines, Edge, Old Dominion ( -12 )

75. Joejuan Williams, CB, Vanderbilt ( -10 )

76. Tre Lamar, ILB, Clemson ( -2 )

77. Kaden Smith, TE, Stanford ( -1 )

78. Jamel Dean, CB, Auburn ( +21 )

79. Andy Isabella, WR, Massachusetts ( +52 )

80. D'Andre Walker, OLB, Georgia ( same )

81. Gerald Willis III, DT, Miami ( -21 )

82. Michael Dieter, G, Wisconsin ( -1 )

83. Austin Bryant, Edge, Clemson ( +10 )

84. Will Grier, QB, West Virginia ( -15 )

85. Connor McGovern, G/C, Penn State ( +3 )

86. Vosean Joseph, LB, Florida ( -14 )

87. Terrill Hanks, LB, New Mexico State ( +21 )

88. Mecole Hardman, WR, Georgia ( +8 )

89. Ryan Finley, QB, North Carolina State ( -2 )

90. Lonnie Johnson, CB, Kentucky ( -11 )

91. Anthony Nelson, DE, Iowa ( +7 )

92. Clayton Thorson, QB, Northwestern ( -6 )

93. Max Scharping, RT/G, Northern Illinois ( +1 )

94. Josh Oliver, TE, San Jose State ( +38 )

95. Michael Jordan, G/C, Ohio State ( -12 )

96. Isaiah Buggs, DL, Alabama ( -30 )

97. Darrell Henderson, RB, Memphis ( -7 )

98. Khalen Saunders, DT, Northern Illinois ( -7 )

99. Miles Sanders, RB, Penn State ( +22 )

100. Blake Cashman, LB/SS, Minnesota ( +63 )

Dropped out of Top 100:

Amani Hooker, SS/LB, Iowa (#84 -> #103); Benny Snell, RB, Kentucky (#89 -> #129); Justice Hill, RB, Oklahoma State (#92 -> #104); Beau Benzschawal, G, Wisconsin (#95 -> #111); Te'Von Coney, ILB, Notre Dame (#99 -> #120); Carl Granderson, Edge, Wyoming (#100 -> #134)

Biggest Risers (> +20):

LB/SS Blake Cashman (+63); CB Justin Layne (+62); WR Andy Isabella (+52); C Garrett Bradbury (+40); TE Josh Oliver (+38), RB Miles Sanders (+22), and LB Terrill Hanks (+21)

Biggest Fallers (< -20):

RB Benny Snell (-40); Edge Carl Granderson (-31); DL Isaiah Buggs (-30); DT Gerald Willis (-21); ILB Te'Von Coney (-21); and Edge Jachai Polite (-20)