NFL Week 6 Winners and Losers


Mason Crosby

Mason Crosby was 4/4 on field goal attempts and 3/3 on XP tries in a win over San Francisco Monday night. After a disastrous week, missing a total of 13 possible points, Crosby was the hero for Green Bay. Due to the Packers' offense not being able to punch in touchdowns more effectively, the kicker had multiple opportunities to prove that he belongs. He even scored the game-winning field goal as time expired. His job is probably safe for the rest of the year and shows time and time again why is one of the Packers' all-time leading scorers.

Melvin Gordon

In my opinion, Melvin Gordon has gone under the radar of most fans this season, including myself. But yet again, he performed spectacularly for the LA Chargers, having three touchdowns. His season total through six weeks is 745 yds rushing and 9 TDs! The Chargers are going to need to rely on Gordon more often, especially if QB Philip Rivers has a bad game now and again. If you play fantasy football, please pick him up, because he can be a total game-changer for any league.

Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins won in a close game against the Chicago Bears, beating them 31-28 in OT at home on Sunday. With starting QB Ryan Tannehill out, backup quarterback Brock Osweiler came in clutch. Throwing for 380 yards and three touchdowns, he was a vital part of the Dolphins' offense. RB Frank Gore also ran for 101 yards. The defense stood their ground most of the game, and holding the Bears to nothing in OT, allowing their offense to win them the game. It was a shaky few weeks prior for Miami but now can look for the future and battle for the AFC East.

Honorable mentions: Adam Thielen, Tom Brady, Saquon Barkley, and the Dallas Cowboys


Eli Manning

Eli Manning is having one of worst seasons in his career. It is not like this is recent, there has been a noticeable decline in quality for Manning in the past. But against the Eagles last Thursday, he gave them no chance to win. Completing only just above half of his passes and throwing no touchdowns, the Giants organization better start thinking of a new option for the future. No wonder why WR Odell Beckham Jr. is frustrated with the offense because RB Saquon Barkley is the whole offense. Eli Manning should put in some extra training, and also look into if he can start being in the Allstate commercials with his brother because he should retire after this year.

Oakland Raiders

Is it too early for #GrudenOut rallies in Oakland? After an awful loss to the Seattle Seahawks in London, the Raiders are 1-5, and the worst team in the NFL. Yes, in my opinion, they are worse than the Arizona Cardinals because at least Arizona has an ok offense and defense. Jon Gruden has probably made Oakland worse than what they were before he arrived. The defense looks poor without Khalil Mack commanding it, and Derek Carr is declining in quality. They have until October 30th to figure out if they want to trade people away and tank, or trade in people and attempt to save their season.

Buffalo Bills' Offense

I have the feeling that one of next week's headlines will be how the Bills locker room is in chaos. Starting QB Josh Allen looked average during the game but left with an injury to his throwing arm. That left QB Nathan Peterman to take over the offense, and it went downhill from there. Throwing INTs in back-to-back drives in the fourth quarter, he blew Buffalo the game. Reports have come in that Allen will not be fit enough to play this week, so Bills coach Sean McDermott is debating on whom he will start. If so, they Bills locker room may explode, because they do not have confidence in Peterman. We will just have to wait and see.

Honorable mentions: Texans offensive line, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Cleveland Browns, and Jacksonville Jaguars defense