Adam Silver is 100% Correct About the One and Done System

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Before the NBA Finals, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver addressed some issues including the current one and done system for the NBA Draft.

Any player entering the draft must be 19 years old. Also players in the United States they must also be removed from high school at least for one year.

Adam Silver feels the one and done system isn't working anymore for both the NBA side and the college side. Silver doesn't think some of the players are getting the necessary training and he is spot on.

Why did Harry Giles from Duke this season declare for the NBA Draft? He was flat out awful and he is definitely not ready. Giles was only a freshman and this is the problem with the system.

Silver claims he will continue to look at this problem between the league and the players union.

The new rule should be college players shouldn't be eligible to come into the NBA Draft until after there sophomore year. I don't think age 19 is a problem but if they change the college rule from one to two years, then the age might have to be changed to 20.

NBA Players don't usually polish until their fourth or fifth season and rebuilding also takes a while also. It should take players two to three years to develop not forever.

It will be interesting where Adam Silver goes with this and it is a good thing he said something about the issue.