Three Things Talked About Too Much

I'm guessing many of you now turn on sports "news" and expect to hear news, but instead it's the same old drone over and over and over and over again. And then you change to a different sports program, and guess what, it's talking about this again. Are you getting to the point where you are so tired of hearing about these things, that you won't even watch or listen to them altogether? Have they droned on and on so much you don't care? Well, these are my top three, and no, the NFC East, believe it or not, is not part of the top three


Concussions/CTE, the Knicks, LeBron James, the NFC East/New England Patriots


Yes, it's a heist. It won't be entertaining, and everybody knew it before every sports talk person said it. People thought boxer-vs-boxer in Pacquiao v Mayweather would be exciting, but that was super lame. It was the only boxing match I have ever watched, but if I can solely judge boxing based on that, I'm glad I've only wasted my time watching one. So, how do you think watching an undefeated boxer go up against someone else would be entertaining, or worth talking about? Heck, how could it be worth paying $100 for to watch?

Everybody on sports media says things like "this fight won't be good" or "this fight is silly", etc., and yet, they waste time talking about it. I'm so sick of hearing about this fight, and although I will watch it based on hope that McGregor proves everybody wrong, I won't be paying for it, and I know to be disappointed. It's purely a heist, and surprise, the media was all over it.


This one I think should have more time spent on the "real" news than sports news, because of the issues being talked about. Yeah, he makes good points when you actually look at why he was kneeling instead of overreacting instantly and assuming he hates the armed forces, but after two or three discussions, shouldn't we be moving on? Nope, because every time a Michael Vick or Ray Lewis speaks out, the media spends the entire day talking about it.

SURPRISE! Billionaires like the status quo and shutting up the "poor" because the status quo keeps them billionaires. Surprise, Colin Kaepernick isn't one of the 25 best non-rookie quarterbacks, so him not having a job isn't the most surprising thing ever. The media seriously makes me hope he gets signed, until I remember that he will be a part of every highlight reel regardless if he plays or not. And then, say if he joins Baltimore and plays them to a 4-2 record when Joe Flacco returns, and Joe Flacco gets his job back? Or if he's just a backup for a team like Green Bay or Pittsburgh and he never plays. It will never end, and people will start saying stupid things like "why isn't he playing, is it because of the kneeling?" Seriously gtfo, smh, and STOP!


He hasn't really been talked about too much this week, but this guy is one of the best at suckering people with low-intelligence into following everything he does. If he was related to Kim Kardashian, I wouldn't be surprised. He's actually so annoying and on so much for stupid reasons, that I want his (well-behaved, supposedly) sons to fail. Nobody really thought twice of Lonzo Ball last Christmas, or heard of LaMelo or LiAngelo, and now everybody knows them. And we hear about stupid things all the time coming out of this guy's mouth, and he's actually created "haters" for his kids. Why would any parent want to create hate for their kids, based on their own (the parent's) actions?

I always hear people of the media saying things like "I don't like bringing up LaVar", or "I don't want him taking up the whole show". Why do you do it then? Why do you keep bringing him up? Just ignore the headlines, and talk about REAL news. (this has nothing to do with it being "fake" news, it just is irrelevant news, there's a difference).

Now, I'm guessing some of you think I'm being a hypocrite for bringing up this stuff when I want it off the media, and this is technically media. My goal in bringing up these topics is to try and get enough people to finally say "enough" and tune out during these silly conversations. If you don't watch, listen, like, tweet, follow, etc. during when these things are brought up, the perceived popularity will go down and they'll talk about them less. It's common sense, which is something these topics fail to address.