CBJ Club News- 9/27

Hello all!

I hope everybody is hanging in there in the thick of midterms. Here is your sometimes-weekly digest of CBJ Club news:

1. Our first preseason game was a complete success! Thank you to all who went and we hope you enjoyed yourself.

2. Fantasy hockey is almost ready to go. A group message was created on Monday, and we sent out a google poll to gauge interest in a paid league (10 dollar entry) vs a non paid entry league. If you missed the initial sign up, email Austin Capell.8 by Friday to sign up!

3. Opening Night tailgate

On October 13 vs Boston (opening night!!!!) the CBJ will be hosting a tailgate with food and drinks outside of nationwide. I realize this is the weekend of fall break, but for those who are here and want to go (it's FREE) sign up HERE:


4. NHL 15/16 tournament

On Sunday, October 9th from 5-7:30 pm we will be having our first NHL tournament. Sign up here :


There will be a nice prize for the winner! Location TBD in the next week.

Have a good week, and feel free to email us with questions!

Battle on!

CBJ Club at OSU