"The Stack" 10-25

Dalvin Cook was the main source of offense for the Minnesota Vikings Thursday night. The Vikings running back had 171 yards from scrimmage and the game's only touchdown as Minnesota beat Washington 19-9.

The Stack is back on this Football Friday on College Gameday Eve in Brookings, South Dakota, and that Thursday Night Football game was kind of a snoozer wasn’t it? The Minnesota Vikings won 19-9 over Washington, but didn’t cover. Only one touchdown?! Where are all of the explosive plays for touchdowns? I guess with Adam Thielen not playing things were bound to be a little more low key. 1-0 to start the week. How will the rest of the games go? Let’s find out with some picks in “the stack” for today, Friday, October 25th:

2-5 Denver Broncos @ 4-2 Indianapolis Colts 1 PM ET CBS

The Colts may be not be quite as crisp coming off of that big win against the Houston Texans last week, but they are going against Joe Flacco and the Broncos who look anemic on offense. The Colts should have no issues winning this one.

Prediction: Colts 27 Broncos 13

2-4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ 3-4 Tennessee Titans 1 PM ET FOX

This was supposed to be Jameis Winston versus Marcus Mariota. Well Mariota is on the bench due to ineffective play and Ryan Tannehill is starting in his place. If Winston has more six plus turnover days like he did in London a couple of weeks ago, he’ll be joining Mariota on the bench. This game is a toss up.

Prediction: Titans 20 Buccaneers 17

3-3-1 Arizona Cardinals @ 6-1 New Orleans Saints 1 PM ET CBS

The Cardinals may have won three games in row, but the Saints have won five in a row and Drew Brees may be back and starting this one. They won’t have Alvin Kamara most likely, but after going into Chicago and beat the Bears without Brees, Kamara or tight end Jared Cook, why would you bet against them?

Prediction: Saints 31 Cardinals 20

0-7 Cincinnati Bengals @ 4-3 Los Angeles Rams 1 PM ET CBS (London)

London once again gets treated to another bad game. This one won’t be even close. The Rams get another game against a bad opponent to get everything on track.

Prediction: Rams 37 Bengals 10

1-5 New York Jets @ 3-4 Jacksonville Jaguars 1 PM ET CBS

After “seeing ghosts” Monday night, do we really think Sam Darnold and the Jets can win this game on a short week? Yes they can, but Minshew mania is going to get the last laugh. Gardner Minshew II, Leonard Fournette and company lead the Jaguars to victory.

Prediction: Jaguars 23 Jets 13

2-5 New York Giants @ 2-3-1 Detroit Lions 1 PM ET FOX

The Lions are on a three game losing streak. Their offense has looked good at least. They do not have running back Kerryon Johnson, but against a bad Giants defense, the Lions will thrive and they will get back to .500.

Prediction: Lions 30 Giants 16

2-5 Los Angeles Chargers @ 3-3 Chicago Bears 1 PM ET CBS

What Charger-esque way is L.A. going to lose this game? Given what is going on with the Bears right now, the Chargers could and perhaps should win this game. But again, they are the Chargers. So they won’t.

Prediction: Bears 20 Chargers 17

3-4 Philadelphia Eagles @ 5-1 Buffalo Bills 1 PM ET FOX

Don’t think I heard Eagles head coach Doug Pederson guarantee anything this week. Good! If he did, not much was made of it. I don’t think the Eagles are as bad as their record indicates and I don’t think the Bills are as good as their record indicates, but the Bills know they need to play better than they did last week and they will take advantage of a slow start by Carson Wentz and they’ll hold off the Eagles.

Prediction: Bills 23 Eagles 17

5-2 Seattle Seahawks @ 1-6 Atlanta Falcons 1 PM ET FOX

Heard Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones spoke to the team about what was going on with this team. The soft spoken wide receiver can get people’s attention. We’ll see if that happens against the Seahawks, but quarterback Matt Ryan’s status is up in the air and Russell Wilson gets his chance to tear apart that defense. I think that is far more likely than the Falcons playing with a spirited effort and turning things around.

Prediction: Seahawks 34 Falcons 16

4-2 Carolina Panthers @ 6-0 San Francisco 49ers 4:05 PM ET FOX

What a remarkable this should be. Christian McCaffrey against that staunch 49ers defense. It is going to be very difficult to get keep his production level where it has been against San Fran. The 49ers are going to have a difficult time scoring against the Panthers defense too. But the 49ers are undefeated for a reason and I think they will find a way to win a close one at home.

Prediction: 49ers 17 Panthers 16

2-4 Cleveland Browns @ 7-0 New England Patriots 4:25 PM ET CBS

When the Browns lose this game, do not panic Cleveland fans. The schedule gets much easier and the Browns will be okay. Even with a bye week, and with Baker Mayfield’s hip, I do not see them beating that terrific defense that the Patriots have and the tremendous team that they are overall.

Prediction: Patriots 27 Browns 13

3-3 Oakland Raiders @ 4-3 Houston Texans 4:25 PM ET CBS

After what Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers did to them last week in Green Bay, the Raiders should prepare for Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson to air it on Sunday against them. He actually has good receivers to throw to as well. This is going to be a long game for the Raiders secondary.

Prediction: Texans 31 Raiders 20

6-1Green Bay Packers @ 5-2 Kansas City Chiefs 8:20 PM ET NBC

The thought of hall-of-famer Patrick Mahomes playing in this game was unfathomable last week and it still is to a degree. There is no way the Chiefs can throw him out there and risk injuring him more. Wait a couple of weeks at least, please. I think the Chiefs have a chance in this game at home, but Aaron Rodgers is rolling right now. I think he’ll have another big game and the Packers, unfortunately, will get the win.

Prediction: Packers 31 Chiefs 26

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