"The Stack" 10-5-18

Welcome to the New England Patriots, Josh Gordon! Gordon caught one of Tom Brady's three touchdown passes as the Patriots took down the Indianapolis Colts 38-24.

The Stack is back on this Football Friday and we are off to a good start with our picks for the week though how could you not pick the New England Patriots last night going against an injury-riddled and depleted Indianapolis Colts team. The Colts made it close in the fourth quarter narrowing the deficit to seven points, but ended up losing 38-17. For the year, coming into the week we are 35-26-2 with our picks. Have to continue to get better so let’s get right to the previews and predictions for week five in the NFL in “the stack” for today, Friday, October 5th:

3-1 Tennessee Titans @ 1-3 Buffalo Bills 1 PM ET CBS

Surely the Titans can’t lose to this bad Bills team. But coming off of an emotional overtime victory over the defending Super Bowl champions, the Titans should be weary of the upset. The Bills can pull it off. They won’t though.

Prediction: Titans 27 Bills 13

1-3 New York Giants @ 2-1 Carolina Panthers 1 PM ET FOX

The Giants have failed to score 30 points in their last 36 games. How does that happen, especially in an offense with Odell Beckham Jr. and now Saquon Barkley? It shouldn’t, but don’t look for the streak to end this week against a decent Panthers defense. The Panthers have had two weeks to prepare and it will show.

Prediction: Panthers 24 Giants 17

3-1 Miami Dolphins @ 3-1 Cincinnati Bengals 1 PM ET CBS

After watching the Dolphins last weekend, how can you have faith in the Dolphins coming back on the road and beating a Bengals team that is much better than we all thought? Andy Dalton and company showed me something last week. They will win this one pretty easily.

Prediction: Bengals 31 Dolphins 13

3-1 Baltimore Ravens @ 1-2-1 Cleveland Browns 1 PM ET CBS

The Browns were robbed of a win last week and their reward…a date with the old Browns, the Baltimore Ravens. That defense is playing great. Joe Flacco and the wide receivers are in sync, this is a good team. Yet silly, stupid me is going to take Baker Mayfield and company to find a way.

Prediction: Browns 20 Ravens 16

2-1-1 Green Bay Packers @ 1-3 Detroit Lions 1 PM ET FOX

Something is off with the Packers. I think a lot of it stems to the health of Aaron Rodgers’ knee. Teams are going to keep getting after him and the Lions won’t be any different. Only difference is, the Lions are off as well. I would love to see them win, but I don’t think it is going to happen.

Prediction: Packers 27 Lions 23

3-1 Jacksonville Jaguars @ 4-0 Kansas City Chiefs 1 PM ET CBS

There may be no bigger game on Sunday than this one. Can the Jaguars and their tenacious, terrific defense find a way to slow down Chiefs quarterback Pat Mahomes? They will have to stop Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce and Kareem Hunt. It isn’t going to be easy. Jalen Ramsey is going to have his work cut out for him. Mahomes won’t be great, but he will be better than Bortles on this day.

Prediction: Chiefs 23 Jaguars 20

2-2 Denver Broncos @ 1-3 New York Jets 1 PM ET CBS

I have a real hard time picking this game. The Broncos are the better team, but they are coming off of a stinging division loss, it is a short week and they are flying across the country. Plus the Jets are due for a win right? Right?! Broncos, prove me wrong, but I’m taking the Jets.

Prediction: Jets 17 Broncos 16

1-3 Atlanta Falcons @ 1-2-1 Pittsburgh Steelers 1 PM ET FOX

Two desperate teams in this one desperately trying to get their seasons back on track. The Falcons aren’t as bad as their record shows. They’ve just been decimated by injuries. The Steelers don’t have that excuse. They just aren’t as good as they were last year, especially on defense. They could use Le’Veon Bell. Good thing he is coming back in week 7 or 8…maybe. High scoring affair, but I will go with the home team to pick up their first home win of the season. I just don’t trust the Falcons defense. Prove me wrong Falcons. Prove me wrong!

Prediction: Steelers 38 Falcons 34

1-3 Oakland Raiders @ 2-2 Los Angeles Chargers 4:05 PM ET CBS

There are going to be a lot of Raiders fans at StubHub Center. As in two-to-one Raiders to Chargers fans even though it’s a “home” game for the Chargers. The Raiders should not have gotten a win last week. The Chargers are the better team and Philip Rivers and company will find a way to win.

Prediction: Chargers 31 Raiders 24

1-2-1 Minnesota Vikings @ 2-2 Philadelphia Eagles 2-2 4:25 PM ET FOX

Speaking of desperate teams, both the Vikings and Eagles fit that bill. The Vikings defense has not been themselves all year. We know what they are capable of. Head coach Mike Zimmer says they will figure it out. They better. The players are the same. Something just isn’t clicking. I don’t know if it will be fixed this week though in Philly against the Eagles. Carson Wentz will shred them early and though the Vikings will hang around, their offensive line will collapse and Kirk Cousins will be sacked and fumble and the Eagles will come away victorious.

Prediction: Eagles 27 Vikings 23

0-4 Arizona Cardinals @ 1-3 San Francisco 49ers 4:25 PM ET FOX

Yuck, what a gross game this is. The Cardinals stink, but looked better last week with Josh Rosen. I was surprised how well C.J. Beathard played last week for the 49ers. If he can do what he did on the “road” against the Chargers, he certainly can do the same and probably better at home against one of the worst two teams in football.

Prediction: 49ers 30 Cardinals 17

4-0 Los Angeles Rams @ 2-2 Seattle Seahawks 4:25 PM ET FOX

The Greatest Show on Turf?? 2.0 heads up to Seattle to face an Earl Thomas-less Seahawks secondary. They won’t score 38 points like they did last week, but they will score enough and the defense will slow down Russell Wilson to keep the Rams undefeated.

Prediction: Rams 24 Seahawks 20

2-2 Dallas Cowboys @ 1-3 Houston Texans 8:20 PM ET NBC

Battle of Texas here and the Texans have not been a consistent bunch this year. Their defense has been so-so and their offense is electric at times, but sputters more times than it should. The offensive line has not been good as Deshaun Watson has been sacked a high number of times, 17 I think. That doesn’t bode well against DeMarcus Lawrence, but the Texans are the more talented team and apart from last week, the Cowboys offense has not been very good.

Prediction: Texans 27 Cowboys 16

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