Should Chip Kelly Go back to Oregon in 2017?

By MrWhitejack
Oct. 15, 2016

Once upon a time, the Oregon Ducks rose during the historic fall of The Mighty USC Trojans Post Carroll Era. They were fast, athletic, and the only defenses that could stop them were SEC caliber players. It has been 4 years since Chip Kelly became over-confident about his coaching abilities to leave the Pacific Northwest in search for greener pastures in the NFL. With 2 bowl wins and a BCS Championship Game appearance, Kelly believed that he could go into the NFL and change the culture. In 3 years during his controversial NFL tenure, Kelly is 27-25  with 1 playoff appearance which resulted in a loss to the New Orleans Saints. Listen America, coaches need to learn how to put away the pride and just be honest with themselves. All of these numerous National Sports Media Analyst are not always right. Life would be be better for a lot of these coaches if they just learn how to be honest with themselves. Just because you have success in college, does not mean you will have success in the NFL, and just because you have sucess in the NFL does not mean will you have success in college. Now, for some, it works out pretty well. Coaches like Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll see success on both levels. Then you have people like Nick Saban, Greg Schiano, Bobby Petrino, Jim Mora Jr, etc. where it doesn't work out well. Chip Kelly was truly revolutionizing the college football game during his tenure at Oregon. The jerseys was not the only thing that attracted viewers, but it was the quick tempo style of play. Kelly's Oregon team used to move so fast that oppsoing defenses started to fake injuries just so they can catch their breathe. Now after a bad stint in Philadelphia and as things are starting to unravel in San Francisco, Chip Kelly has an opportunity to admit that the NFL is not for him and go back to Oregon. Look at Bobby Petrino in Atlanta back in 2007; even though he was wrong for what he did, he realized in week 13 that the NFL was not for him. He was honest with himself and immediately left for Arkansas. Ever since he was honest with himself, he is now 64-31 in college football since 2008. For Chip, it's not really looking good in San Fran. He's currently in the mist of changing QBs with much conrtoversy. Also, many people still believe that he is racist based how he forced Eagles management to get rid of star African American players DeShaun Jackson & LeShaun McCoy and keeping racist White player Riley Cooper. Still in San Fran., still many people believe that he is racist based on the rumor that African American QB Colin Kaepernick did not start the season because he kneeled during the American pledge in protest for racial justice in America. Meanwhile in Oregon, life is not going good with Mark Helfrich on the hot seat. Oregon has never been the same ever since Chip left and 2017 would be the perfect opportunity for him to return back to the college game. A game where he can be "The Man" that he can not be amongst other grown men in then NFL. So what do you think America? Oregon will definitely not be in the College Football Playoffs and it's very unlikely that San Fran sees the NFL playoffs unless Kaepernick becomes heroic. Chip back to Oregon in January 2017? Yay or Nay?