'Pacman' Jones Off The Hook

By ryanmacdonald
Sep. 16, 2015


The NFL has fined Adam "Pacman" Jones for his malicious hit on rookie Bengals WR Amari Cooper. The fine said to be around $35K, is  pocket change for a cornerback who is set to make over $1.75 million this year alone. In a league who says they are cracking down on both concussion safety and player discipline, this penalty of virtually nothing is absurd. With all the head injuries and retirements due to head injuries you would think that the league would send a statement with a suspension of at least a game.   This lenient penalty, sends the message to any players in the league especially rookies like Amari Cooper that this is normal behavior in the league. To show just how minute this fine is we can compare this to another penalty of around the same amount. Seahawks Tight End Jimmy Graham was fined $30K for dunking a football after he scored a touchdown. If these penalties are counted the same then that just proves what people have been saying for a while, the NFL is in trouble.