The Washington Nationals are the 2019 World Series Champions.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports
Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports
Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Nationals are the 2019 World Series Champions. And they did because they did not give up the fight.

Stephen Strasburg was named World Series MVP after going 5-0 in the postseason with a 1.98 ERA, now that's impressive.

Max Scherzer came back to pitch five solid innings only giving up two earned runs on seven and he did have three strikeouts in the game. Patrick Corbin gets the win in game seven. Corbin pitched three innings and only gave up two hits and had three strikeouts of his own.

This World Series had two firsts tonight, It was the first World Series win in Franchise history for the Washington Nationals, and it was the first time the road team won all seven games in the fall classic.

I'm not joking it was the first time in professional sports history that the road team won all seven games and that includes MLB, NBA and the NHL. I Have never seen anything like it ever.

If you look at what the Nationals had to go through then you will understand how it was something to remember. Go back to the end of May, the Nationals were 12 games under .500 they had no Bryce Harper, Manager Dave Martinez was on the verge of being fired and there was talk of trading Scherzer. But the Nationals stayed with it.

They had to win a Wild-Card game against the Milwaukee Brewers to get into the postseason. The Nationals had to face the 106 win Los Angeles Dodgers. In game five, Clayton Kershaw choked along with Joe Kelly as Howie Kendrick, The former Dodger broke the hearts of Dodger fans with a grand slam and the Dodgers were sent packing.

The Nationals swept the St Louis Cardinals in the NLCS and Howie Kendrick was the MVP, then came the six day layoff and the question was how would the Nationals fair in the World Series.

The Houston Astros had to play six games and that there could have helped the Nationals in a big way.

The Nationals were ready for the 107 win Astros, the Astros were the odds on favorites to win it all. But when the Nationals took the first two games everybody was thinking they could sweep, but the Nationals lost three in a row at home. Then they came back for game six and Astros ace Justin Verlander was waiting. The Nationals went through Verlander and forced the Game seven on Wednesday.

The Nationals did struggle against Zach Grenkie but when the Astros bullpen let them down the Nationals were World Champions.

My Congratulations to the Washington Nationals for winning the World Series Champions.

The Question is who gets the blame for the Astros Losing the World Series, I have a few people in mind..

First and foremost, Justin Verlander, he's now 0-6 lifetime with a 5.68 ERA in the World Series. Verlander also went 1-4 in the postseason with a 4.15 ERA so some of the blame goes to Justin Verlander for choking in the clutch. And Yes I will say it now, Justin Velrander is the Clayton Kershaw of the Houston Astros.

The Astros Bullpen, the Bullpen failed the Astros at home and it showed in game seven. Zack Grenkie pitched the game of his career and everybody thought that he was going to pitch a complete game shutout and I feel bad for Grenkie. He pitched the game of his life in game seven and the Bullpen failed.

Astros manager A.J Hinch, he had Gerrit Cole ready in the bullpen and went with some other bullpen pitchers and yes I do blame Hinch for that decision. A.J had plenty of chances to put Cole in the Game and the decision of not putting him in cost the Astros big time.

The Astros hitting, in game seven the Astros left 10 men on base, that alone will cost you, but the top-3 in the Astros Lineup had trouble along they way.

George Springer, he went 8-27 and he's the leadoff.

Jose Altuve, he struggled going 10-33.

Michael Brantley, he went 9-28, he most have brought some Indians bad luck to Houston.

So there are the reasons why the Astros lost the World Series. I know to you there maybe more but that's just to give you an idea on how I feel about what happened with the Astros losing the World Series.

Bottom Line..