Royals' Yordano Ventura dies in car-wreck

The baseball world finds themselves in an all-too-familiar-place today, mourning the loss of another all-too-young incredibly talented player. The Kansas City Royals organization and their fans woke up to some horrific news on Sunday. Their firry flame thrower has tragically past away at age 25. Yordano Ventura was back home in the DR as his offseason is about to come to a close when late last night, Ventura was involved in a car wreck that took his life. The Royals organization from top-to-bottom is at a lost and scrambling to find understanding on what is going on. Players, publicly saying they "refuse to believe it is real." because they can not fathom the thought that their teammate they spend 6-months out of the year with every. single. day. is now...gone. 

Fans have already flooded the Kauffman Stadium entrances with flowers, hats, posters, cards, etc. 610-Sports Radio in Kansas City has jumped on air to be there for Royals fans and have guys from the team, and media hop aboard to discuss their raw emotion. From inside and outside the organization guys like Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, and even, considering their history, Adam Eaton has spoken out about what a loss this is for not only the Royals, but the game of baseball. Yordano Ventura despite wearing his emotion on his sleeve, he still had unworldly potential that never even got to scratch the surface. 

He will be remembered for a long...long....long time in the baseball world. Some of mine, and many others best sports moments involved Yordano Ventura. From the high in-your-face leg kicks Ventura did with every strike out, to the brawls that ensued what felt like every time the scrappy young prove-himself flame thrower took the hill. The pure excitement I and many others were fortunate enough to feel, when you drive to the ball park and get ready to see Yordano Ventura pitch. You never knew which Ventura you would get that night, Either the on-fire Ventura with the capability to razzle and dazzle you with every single pitch captivating your attention for hours on end, or the loose cannon who at any given moment could spark a benches-and-bullpen clearing brawl. From game-6 of the World Series with his raw-tear-jerking-emotion on his sleeve pitching one of the best games in Royals history to get Kansas City to a game-7 in the 2014 World Series hours after his good friend Oscar Taveras past away in a car wreck in the DR. From the over-whelmed with excitement and delight after the Royals won the ALCS in 2015 to head back to the World Series and he takes the microphone on FS-Kansas City and just shouts "OWE BABY! WE GO TO THE WORLD SERIES AGAIN, OWE BABY!". The memories go on for days, and will live-on for generations. A lasting memory that can explain what a good guy Ventura was, and a better teammate: Yordano Ventura spent countless hours working on trying to improve his english, so that he could have better communication with his teammates, and also could go on air and do interviews without a translator, that was important to him. 

Rest in peace, Yordano Ventura. Thanks for the memories.