LaVar Ball is hurting Lonzo's future

By Big Future
Mar. 18, 2017

LaVar Ball was the main topic throughout the media. Most of his statements were about Lonzo Ball's future in the NBA. He claims that Lonzo is better than Stephen Curry and his brand could be worth $1 billion. As stated from John Wall, NBA Players are planning to punish Lonzo Ball for his dad trash talking. Once Lonzo Ball enters the NBA, he will be facing an enormous amount of pressure. Being a #1 pick, you are expected to be a stud. But for Lonzo, he is expected to be a stud and dominate the NBA. Lonzo Ball is a good player and arguably the best player in college right now. With Lonzo entering the NBA with all of this pressure on him, that could affect his game and also result him as a draft bust. Lonzo Ball doesn't deserve to be punished by the NBA because of his dad's mouth. Lonzo Ball has the potential to be the next game changer since Kyrie Irving. Lonzo Ball draft stock is going down pretty badly because NBA GM doesn't want to take a risk on selecting Lonzo Ball. If an NBA GM actually select Lonzo Ball, they are in a risk of losing their job. As stated earlier, he's a great player, but you can't tell how great Lonzo Ball will be in the NBA. Right now, it doesn't look like his career is going to be fantastic. 

LaVar Ball needs to stop trash talking and overhyping the NBA about Lonzo Ball. We already know that Lonzo Ball is talented and he has a promising future. LaVar Ball is making a very bad decision about explain Lonzo Ball dominance on the basketball court. What if Lonzo Ball ends up being a bust, it will make LaVar Ball look stupid and then people are going to remember all of the things that he said. He can't overhype the NBA about how great he will be to the media. My message to LaVar Ball is "people are watching and they will also recall the exact quotes you said. You can't over hype the media about how great Lonzo will be in the NBA.".