NFL Week 7 Winners and Losers


Adam Thielen

The year that Minnesota Vikings WR Adam Thielen is having is remarkable. After catching nine passes for 110 yards and a touchdown. This made it seven straight games that Thielen has went for 100 or more yards receiving, tying Houston Oilers WR Charlie Hennigan for the most all-time. He has been Mr. Consistent for the Vikings this season. I see him getting to eight straight after their game coming up against a Saints defense who has had a below average performance so far this season.

Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos destroyed the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday night. Winning the game was not the reason why they are a winner this week. They are a winner this week because of how well they played. On the defensive side, their defense was dominant, especially Von Miller who had two sacks, two forced fumbles, and a fumble recovery. The defense helped the offense by having three picks, and two touchdowns. The Broncos hope to keep the momentum rolling as they face the red-hot Kansas City Chiefs.

Kansas City Chiefs

I am going to make a prediction right now, and that is that the Kansas City Chiefs will at the least make the AFC title game. Their team seemed to do no wrong on Sunday against a good Cincinnati Bengals team. The defense actually had a decent game, which they have been searching for since the beginning of the season. QB Patrick Mahomes had an MVP performance with 350+ yards and 4 touchdowns, and RB Kareem Hunt looked unstoppable. The Chiefs look like one of the hottest teams in the NFL.

Honorable mentions: Cam Newton, New England Special Teams, Tyrell Williams, and Nick Williams


Blake Bortles

Oh my goodness, when Jacksonville Jaguars QB Blake Bortles falls, he falls through a ten-story building. Bortles was so bad on Sunday that he got benched in the third quarter. This might have been the worst we have ever seen him, even after some rough patches in the past. He had two fumbles during his performance and is hoping this will be the last time for a long time that this will happen. One question that could realistically be asked in Jacksonville is who starts on Sunday, Bortles or Kessler?

Oakland Raiders

It is now officially panic time in Oakland. The Raiders had a horrible loss on Sunday and now have traded one of their best players. It was confirmed that WR Amari Cooper was being traded to the Dallas Cowboys for a 2019 first-round draft pick. To many, it appears that they are now tanking, and hopefully going to get the first pick in the draft. Jon Gruden is reportedly losing trust with the fans and locker room. I believe Gruden's way of coaching takes a few years, and I am interested if the Oakland front office gives him the necessary amount of time.

New York Giants

The final loser of the week is the Giants, for many reasons. One, Eli Manning is getting near to the end of his career but I am not going to ramble about him too much, because I did that last week. They traded away DT Damon Harrison and CB Eli Apple for draft picks. They should have been trying to save them for next year or to obtain more players. I believe the main cause of the Giants' dip in form the last few years is the coaches. New York has never been able to find a coach that actually works, and I believe current head coach Pat Shurmur will be cut either before the season ends, or shortly after it ends.

Honorable mentions: Sam Darnold, Buffalo Bills, Arizona Cardinals, and Justin Tucker